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Author Topic: QUEENSRYCHE SURVIVOR 2017 - Operation: Mindcrime II - round 10 tiebreaker !!!  (Read 109 times)

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Operation: Mindcrime II is the ninth studio album by Queensr˙che. It is a concept album and the sequel to the group's 1988 release, Operation: Mindcrime, which had achieved both critical and commercial success. Mindcrime II was released on April 4, 2006 in the United States, on March 29 in Japan, on March 31 in Germany, and on April 3 in the rest of world, with the Rhino Entertainment label providing distribution. Following the split between Geoff Tate and the rest of Queensr˙che in 2012, it was revealed in a sworn declaration by producer Jason Slater that the album received very limited contributions from the band members aside from Tate and Mike Stone. Much of the music was recorded by studio musicians due to conflicts between Tate and his band mates. Drummer Scott Rockenfield did not play on the album at all. As well, most of the guitars, including Michael Wilton's tracks, were re-recorded by engineer Mitch Doran. Some of the bass tracks used are demo recordings played by Slater, while the drum track to "I'm American" is a MIDI recording made by Doran that was not originally intended for use on the final album

- Geoff Tate - vocals
- Mike Stone - guitar, vocals
- Jason Slater - bass, drums, backing vocals and maybe even more
- Mitch Doran - additional drums, another guitar, backing vocals, midi
- Ashif Hakik - orchestration, keyboards, guitars again
- Matt Lucich - drums, not additional this time...
- Miranda Tate - backing vocals
- Ronnie James Dio - vocals
- Pamela Moore - vocals

I'm American - 1 (11.1%)
One Foot In Hell - 3 (33.3%)
Hostage - 0 (0%)
The Hands - 0 (0%)
Re-Arrange You - 2 (22.2%)
The Chase - 3 (33.3%)
Murderer ? - 0 (0%)  [/b][/s]   

7.  :huh: :huh: :huh:
8. Fear City Slide
9. A Junkie's Blues
10. If I Could Change It All
12. Signs Say Go / All The Promises
13. An Intentional Confrontation
14. Speed Of Light
15. Circles
16. Freiheit Ouverture
17. Convict [/B]

Another tiebreaker - this time it's One Foot In Hell vs The Chase. Not easy choice though, I know that I've been voting for The Chase to be out once, but I'm not sure what to vote... I'll go with The Chase, One Foot In Hell reminds me old Queensryche times just a little bit...
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In my opinion One Foot in Hell sounds absolutely nothing like Queensryche, especially Operation Mindcrime. It's a very standard rock n roll song but dammit, it gets stuck in my head all the time and I always have fun listening to it. So I'm going with The Chase

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Foot, call it bias towards Dio but The Chase is awesome.

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One Foot In Hell

Both are average at best, though.

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The Chase is awful.
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