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Images&Words as an academic project
« on: September 02, 2017, 08:43:17 AM »
Hello people!  :D

I’m engaged in an academic research regarding DT (ofc), and i’m searching for some informations so i can apply to this project. It’s something big, and if the universe cooperate, i will be able to show these results in a not so distant future xD

I’ve been reading their biography, watching a few documentaries and stuff, but i couldn’t find exactly what was looking for… idk, i think because it’s something you deduce from your experience.

It’s about the I&W period, and its relation with their current musical identity.
We know that they were (feel free to correct me) very innovative in combining the progressive and the metal styles and making this an huge commercial success, at that time. Not that they were the first ones, but they clearly show these characteristics.

But i wanted to know… what exactly was the innovation of this album? Did the 80s context influenced them somehow in composing those awesome songs?

Also, what is their legacy? What contributions have they made for the music history and HOW did they influence other musicians and the prog metal (sub)genre? I want to understand how important they are regarding these aspects, like… how did they change the world xD I'm still listening and discovering the world of prog, and i don't have enough material to do my own comparisons

And... how did the I&W influenced in their current identity? They (and the fans) always say that this is traditional DT, and it’s always compared to their new albums. It’s even considered their “roots”. At that time, all they wanted was to actually practice what they were learning at Berklee… i guess Portnoy even said that the instrumental passage in Metropolis pt1 was “the” defining identity they were heading to…

Anyway… i will be very thankfull for any help  :metal
(and sorry for any grammar mistake)