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Quadrus - Entropia
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:04:48 PM »
QUADRUS release their debut album
Greek cinematic progressive metal project releases concept album “Entropia”

Greek symphonic progressive metal band QUADRUS, were formed by panist/guitarist and composer John Galanakis in the summer of 2014. John Galanakis immediately began working on the compositions and orchestrations for what was to be the band’s debut album, “Entropia” and he was lucky enough to quickly find other like-minded and accomplished musicians as partners (and eventually fellow band members) so as to complete his ideas and record them.
“Entropia” is a concept album dealing with mankind’s history as well as the endless cycle of the interdependence between humanity and the universe. The answers to such burning questions as “how did it all begin?”, “what brought about our downfall?”, “what is the meaning of life?” as well as others, are all well hidden inside the album allowing the listener to judge as well as interpret a deeper meaning, basing it on their own understanding and knowledge concerning the world. 
The album features some of the finest musicianship, both in terms of song-writing as well as performance. With beautiful orchestrations and cinematic songs, progressive rhythms and operatic vocals as well as male and female vocals, sprinkled with some brutal singing, all fused together nicely, while each managing to perform a distinctive role. These are all elements that give a somewhat theatrical character to the album and guarantee to maintain the listener’s interest until the very end.

“Entropia” features two notable guest appearances: guitarist George Constantine Kratsas (MANHATTAN PROJECT) and vocalist Iliana Tsakiraki (ENEMY OF REALITY) and it is set for release on April 14th on CD and digital. Pre-orders are now available directly from the band.
Watch the lyric video for "Deceptive Projection" at

QUADRUS line-up:
JON SOTI: Male Vocals
JOHN GALANAKIS: Guitars, Orchestras, Brutal & Clean Vocals

“Entropia” track listing:

CHAPTER 1 (Born - Fear, Anger, Doubt)
1 Astral Nova (Intro)
2 Shadow Provision
3 The Alpha Origin
4 Sense of Matter

CHAPTER 2 (Living - Deception, Guilt, Sadness)
5 Alternative Hypothesis (Interlude)
6 Deceptive Projection
7 Attribution Theory
8 Aggression

CHAPTER 3 (End of Circle - Redemption - New beginning)
9 Entropia (The Final Chapter)
Part I:  Atom
Part II: Epiphany
Part III: Kosmos
Part IV: Shadow light Spirituality
Part V: Justification
Part VI: Elevation
Part VII:Redemption

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