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El Hombre Elefante
« on: December 12, 2016, 11:27:24 AM »
Hi, everyone. This Spring (or Fall, depending on where you live) I recorded 2 hours of music, which I started uploading here:

'El Hombre Elefante' is Spanish for 'The Elephant Man'. Sorry if somebody already uses that name - I made a long list, and this was the only one available on Bandcamp (plus, I googled, and didn't find any other band called that way).

Yesterday, I uploaded 'Conspiracy Of Onix' - an instrumental tribute to The Offspring and Pokémon Red/Blue (because I've been a fan of both for 15 years).

I chose 18 songs by The Offspring - 2 per album, none of them singles - and for each song, I replaced something (a riff, a solo...) with a melody from the Pokémon soundtrack (written/performed by Junichi Masuda). Whatsmore, I tweaked the songs a bit, and played much of the Offspring stuff in a different way. So, most of what you hear might not sound like the originals. That said: if you are an Offspring (or Pokémon) fan, and you still recognize the original melodies/chord progressions in my recordings, that's great! It means I didn't butcher the songs too much.

I don't have Twitter/Facebook; so, if any of you is an Offspring fan like me, and would care to inform Noodles ( about my covers, I would appreciate that a lot :) I've seen him comment/re-tweet stuff from fans many times in the past, so I'm curious about what he might think of my covers.

Oh, by the way: the drawing is by my friend Guillermo Polari, who posts his own 'cover' drawings of Pokémon, and who inspired me to start recording again. You can find his drawings in (because he is colour-blind, so many Pokémon look different :P).

The other hour of music I plan on uploading in a few days consists of 30 instrumental tracks written/recorded during November - one per day. It was a big challenge, but I managed to complete the lot and, in the process, come up with some interesting music - to me, at least. Most of the times, I find the stuff I write/play boring, but now I feel proud of some of the things I did, so I'm happy :D.

I'll update this thread whenever I finish uploading it to Bandcamp.

Oh, I almost forgot! "Cacho" is a song written/recorded with Guillermo in 2004, when we were 14. The lyrics (sung by Guillermo) tell the tale of Cacho, a guy who - amongst other things - ate pistachio ice-cream and formed a band with Frank Zappa ;) There are many other songs from that era, so I'll see what can be done with those.


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Re: El Hombre Elefante
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2016, 09:08:37 PM »

'Noviembre' is a collection of 30 instrumental tracks I wrote/recorded with my guitar during November - one per day.
Hope you like it!