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OKTOBER - Black Ink's Progressive Rock/Metal Band v. Demo Phase
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:28:39 PM »
Thought I'd make my own thread for this instead of posting my updates in the musician chat thread.


So after making my wonky-sounding MIDI-demos for my solo project since 2008, I finally met up with some people who liked the same(ish) type music as I do and also played instruments. So in october 2014 we officially started the band Oktober. Since that time we have been writing music for our first album 'Virgo' and have recently started recording demos for that album and have so far put two of them on our SoundCloud page.

The demos are self produced and a bit rough around the edges since we are sort of learning as we go along. I think we're managing pretty good results though, certainly good enough for first time demos.

So please check it out. Comment about what you liked, didn't like, general observations, or anything. Peace!


Daniel Larnhem (Me) - Bass
Marcus Svensson - Guitars, Artwork
Samuel Svensson - Keyboard, Guitars, Saxophone
My band (Oktober):

Solo Project (Black Ink) Music: