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New Original 'I'm Runnin''
« on: September 10, 2016, 09:38:50 AM »
Just finished recording, writing and producing this new song by me,  TDS and my Cosmic Orchestra.    Here's what a fellow musician friend had to say about it;

Wow Tom! Hearing some Floyd, Yes, hint of wait! The song ended before I could put my finger on it. I absolutely love it. You're onto something here. My two sounds incomplete with the abrupt ending. Loved the scream at the end of the bridge. But, the song abruptly ends right after the bridge. Maybe another verse/repeat the first and/or end with chorus/opening riff again. The mix sounds great. Nice Job Tom!!! It's a hit with me!

This song has many elements of the type of sound I like to hear in progressive, melodic music.  I piece songs together usually based off a riff or chord progression and build it from there...I hear this, do of a song. No real formula I guess, just walk down the musical path and do what sounds/feels right at each turn.

This was done in my l'il studio at home.  I play all instruments programmed drums and sing it.  All music written produced and performed by me.  :metal