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Since I heard the "Images And Words" album back in '92 my life in music change 360°, then I heard "When Dream And Day Unite" and it was really impressive, nethertheless I was hit by songs as "Surrounded", the phrase "...find all you need in your mind, if you take the time" and obviously "Metropolis Pt1: The Miracle And The Sleeper", this record came with me wherever I go, and at that time in my country (Perú) wasn´t easy to get DT material, so when I found other people who like them, we just spend hours and hours taking, blowing our minds with the music, etc, etc.... So It was a really beautiful moment in my life (and for sure the other's life too!!!) and still it is, every album you released has been waited with fully respect and a hugh amount of anxiety, I see you in Lima in 2010, and nothing could prepare me for what I feel that night, I remember the main solo of voices, maybe John didn't remember (so many times he play it) but for me, the way that he accent the beginning of the solo with the tremolo bar was EVERYTHING!!!, I felt tears approuching and fell no sorry at all, cause I was just exited to see the most amazing band in my world, whose music stay with me so many years and I know It will be until the end of my days in this world, I rediscovered DT with "Metropolis Pt2:Scenes From A Memory" and "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", and now with "Dream Theater" album the group is sounding stronger than ever.... than you guys, thank you for so many years of happiness and thank you for have been and be the inspiration for generations of new musicians who have making and extraordinary work, breaking the walls of the metal genere for good, HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!!! I keep the hope to see you again, cheers!!!!!!! :metal

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« Reply #36 on: May 13, 2015, 07:22:16 PM »
Even if I almost don't listen to your albums.
Even if your last records we're a bit disappointing to me.
Even if I worry how much time will pass until you won't be able to perform your own songs.
Even if I wish you made something as experimental and crazy as Six Degrees.
Even if I wanted JR to unleash his complete potential more often.


Thank you. For opening my eyes to new kinds of music - no, to music in general! I wouldn't have taken music as something serious, something more as a hobby or catchy radio tunes, but as an art.

Thank you, for I'll never be able to express in words the colossal magnitude of importance DT had in my life a few years ago, showing me how wrong was I about "there isn't great music being made today".

Thank you...

For everything.

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A heartfelt and sincere congratulations on 30 years! To every current and former member of the made a significant impact
on me as a lover of music and as a musician. Significant. This story has been told many times before but it needs repeating here. I heard
Pull Me Under back in the day on a late night FM radio program in Flint that focused on new music. I was a gigging hair metal drummer
back then and though I loved that genre of music I also loved Pink Floyd, Rush, Triumph, Supertramp, Sabbath, Maiden....but from
the moment of the intro to PMU and until the song ended I was BLOWN AWAY and had never heard anything like it before. The very
next day I motored to my local record store in my Plymouth Fury (which was so big my band mates called the back seat the back yard)
and bought Images And Words. Honestly, without exaggeration, my musical life was transformed after that album. It was a landmark
moment for me. Portnoy blew me away and so did everyone else in the band. I realized I had a lot to learn about being a serious drummer.
I became a hard core DT fan and bought every DT album after that. And most importantly, for reasons I'm not quite sure, I felt
the need to spread the word so I would buy multiple copies and give them away to friends and fellow musicians. I had this odd connection
to the band, a level of fandom that I didn't feel with any other band. I almost felt like a part of it even though I was just a fan.
I'm sure many other people feel like me and as I age into my 50's I think it's important to let you know you made a difference in
my life. Nothing can ever take that away from you. Your music and your dedication to it made a difference. So all the trials and tribulations,
all the time on the road away from your loved made a difference. You can be very proud!!

Michael Thompson

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Dream Theater has rocked my life.  From hearing "Pull Me Under" back in the early nineties...  Got Images and Words and it was my immediate favorite album.  I remember playing "Pull Me Under" in music appreciation class in college.  And my wife driving 2 hours (each way) in a blazing snowstorm to get SFAM on release day because there was no other way to get it.

Flash forward many years.  I was still a big DT fan but didn't really know or appreciate "prog" yet.  Enter 6DOIT.  Mind blown.  It forever changed the way I listen to and enjoy music.  It opened the door of realization of tons of music I hadn't ever heard about.  And well more than a decade later they are still making great records and can't wait for more.

I have tremendous respect for each individual member of the band.  What amazing artists!!!

And finally,  BRING ON METROPOLIS III!!! (j/k!!!)

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I was 16 when I first heard 'Pull Me Under'....and loved it. I immediately bought the I&W cassette and subsequently had to purchase at least four or five more because I would literally listen to it over and over and over.....when I saw you guys perform 'Metroplois'  live at an intimate venue in St. Louis in 1993.....that was the hook that has never been removed.

I am 39 now and your music and the lyrics within has been a part of my life for 23 years. Through every season of my life 'you'...Dream Theater have been there.....for me....through the peaks and the valleys. It's the truth when I say 'you'.....Dream Theater have been a steady beacon of strength in my life for 23 years.

Thank you James, John P. and John M. For a multitude of lyrical masterpieces that still pierce me to the soul when I listen to them, so beautiful and inspired....they are glimpses into your soul and spirit that can only hint at how genuine you all truly are.

Jordan....your dedication to your craft is second to none and the beauty of the notes you play is only rivaled by the bright gleam your spirit leaves behind in every interview or interaction I've seen from you. I hope to one day run into you in one of the hallways of eternity so we can have a conversation.

Mike Mangini.....your talent ability is honestly remarkable! It's a wonder how your limbs just haven't fallen off but I can't think of a better musician to lead Dream a Theater into the future. And, your honest disposition and humble approach to life is an inspiration to any man to want to mimick....if you see Jordan and I speaking in that hallway please stop to say 'hi'

I'm not a musician but I don't think you need me to tell you how incredible the music you all produce is. I just want to Thank you for pursuing your dreams which in turn was a Blessing to so many countless people in this world....I'm curious as to if you guys completely understand what you've been to so many of us? Thank you again for 30 years of dedicated and inspirational music! From this one fan to you all....God Bless you and those you hold dear!

Gary Miller Jr.

MP,Derrick, Kevin, Charlie.....thanks for the memories and music as well.
Without Faith.....Without Hope.....There can be No Peace of Mind

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The music you guys have created over the course of your career has simply changed my life. I discovered Octavarium first as a freshman in high school and was just astonished with the musicianship and artistic vision present on the album. I literally had never heard anything like it; music for me was irrevocably transformed from that point on. Then, inspired by In the Presence of Enemies in sophomore year, I got a guitar, starting studying music theory, and sought out other genres and artists which also celebrated music as a truly expressive and complex art. Through my greater appreciation of music, I also grew to value other types of art far more seriously, such as cinematography.

I got my mother into Dream Theater as well, and then together throughout my college search we would drive up and down the east coast of the United States to visit different campuses, each road trip punctuated by all of your albums but especially Black Clouds & Silver Linings. We would always timie it perfectly so that The Count of Tuscany would end as soon as we arrived for each college tour. The ambiance at the end of that song, along with the thunder in the beginning of the album, both perfectly encapsulated my feelings of my own future at the time. We even joked that A Rite of Passage was exclusively about college greek life!

In addition, Dream Theater's personal brand as not just a group of immensely talented musicians, but also genuine people who care for the world and their fans, is inspiring in and of itself. Be it Jordan playing a Japan benefit concert after the tsunami and nuclear disaster, or the guys always being so friendly night after night of meet and greets, or their playful banter with each other that they share online with their fans, following this band has been so much more than just the music for me. Throughout college, I had the opportunity to see Dream Theater several times, each show proving to be somehow even better than the last, both musically and personally. Now that I have graduated and begin to make my way in the world, your music will continue to be an inspiration and a guide for me in every possible sense.

Dream Theater, as a band, as music, as a holistic personality, will always mean so much to me and so many countless others. I thank each and every member of the band for your tireless contributions to music and proving that you can do what you love and give the world something wonderful in the process. May many more years be on the horizon!
Ahh, I hit the home button!
- Jordan Rudess

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Much congrats to one of the hardest working bands in the business! An amazing feat considering the lack of mainstream attention, it only shows you guys have the best fans ever! Here's to 30 more!

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Congratulations Dream Theater on 30 years of music! I have been a fan for 12 years, and seen you on every tour since Train of Thought came out. I can't thank you enough for the all the music (from the Majesty days, right up to where we are here today with the songs and music from Dream Theater), the concerts (including the filmed shows I was at: Score, In Constant Motion, Chaos in Motion, and Breaking the Fourth Wall), the DVDs, the bootlegs (official and unofficial!)... everything! You guys never fail to amaze, and I'm sure the new album won't change that! Hoping we get a 30th Anniversary Majesty EP as a bonus disc! (haha! no, but really...). Congrats again, James, John, John, Jordan, Mike, Mike, Derek, Kevin, Charlie, and Chris (let's not forget Chris!) I've enjoyed all 30 years of your music and look forward to many, many more years!

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Thank you for making melody in my life for the last 24 years.
BTW, I am that one fan who isn't a musician.

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I remember first listening to you guys on August 2006 when I put on the Octavarium album. I never would have thought that would be such a life changing moment. Your music has been a constant ever since, being there in good times and not so good ones as well. I used to watch the videos from the making of SFAM and 6DOIT all the time and they would always put a smile on my face, I'll probably watch them again once I've finished writing this. I have had the luck to have seen you live over the years now and boy...  I think we can all agree it is really something special. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and lets hope for another 30+ years of music from Dream Theater.

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary!
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DT, happy friggin' anniversary. When I became a fan, I was already pretty big on music, but you guys took everything to the next level for me. I don't think I've never been so obsessed by a band this much; hope to see you in Barletta  :metal
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Thank you for bringing your amazing music for the world! Its so amazing that you have keeped SO good work so long. Your music inspirates people and young musicians.. And old of course! Keep it up Dream Theater, im really looking forward to your new album and tour! See you in Helsinki!! :yarr

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Being around for three decades is a respectable achievement for any band, and here you are, after all these years, still writing new music and touring the world. Even if you decided to call it quits now, you'd leave behind an impressive legacy including some of the landmark albums in the genre you helped pioneer - Images & Words and Awake have been two of my all-time favorites ever since I first heard them and they made me a prog fan six years ago.

Thanks for all the great music and the unforgettable concert in Helsinki last year. Here's to another 30 years - see you again on August 2!
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Happy 30th Anniversary Dream Theater!

It is great to see the joy of playing together is still there after all these years! 

Thank you for the gift that is your music, and Thank you for continuing after various band members have gone on to other things.

I would have loved to have been a fan from the beginning but alas I am only came on board about 2003, (it was a bonus to see JP and MP tour with Satch and Vai G3 2006, Melbourne, Australia, (and our other states) I believe this was a great push to finally see DT in Australia)

You are all very talented musicians and have produced some fantastic albums, that will always be my go to music.  Thank you for all the albums, DVD's etc

Thank you for helping Rich Wilson for producing the brilliant Lifting Shadows and for autographing the editions for me.  (Obviously Rich wrote it, got it published, but DT are the subject)

Thank you for continuing to work hard, writing the great tracks, releasing  awesome music, touring the world, meeting with your fans and inspiring countless people worldwide.

Thank you for touring Australia, I hope as part of your 30th Anniversary we are a stop on your schedule (pretty please) and please play Brisbane this time and two shows for Melbourne!  :smiley:

Once again Happy 30th Anniversary and cheers to 30 more!!!!! :angel:

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Well, I've been a DT fan since 1993. I was hooked the moment I heard LatM (I had already read a review of I&W but hadn't heard it). Little did I know that 22 years later,  I would still be listening to that awesome band. Of course, there have been ups and downs, but I've found myself always coming back to them. Many a time, they have been there to soothe me in very rough times. So, yeah, thank you DT and may you have an effing HAPPY 30th Anniversary! Rock on!!!

'Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.' Sergei Rachmaninov
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[sincerity] THANK YOU for so many years of truly great, life enhancing music. [/sincerity]

[flippancy] And please add a UK headlining show to your summer European tour! [/flippancy] ;D
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We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost..."

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Congratulations on 30 years of making amazing music and thank you for introducing me to the world of progressive rock.

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Congratulations on 30 years, it's been a crazy ride with many ups and downs in your career. I became a fan in 2007 (around the time of Systematic Chaos) and became hooked after hearing a few tracks. Since then I've followed you with intense interest, waited impatiently for each new release, both studio albums and live stuff. Thanks to you I have also discovered many bands in the progressive genre, and after all these years (well only eight...) you still hold a place among my Top 5 bands of all time. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the 30th anniversary!

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Thank you for making melody in my life for the last 24 years.
BTW, I am that one fan who isn't a musician.

I'm that second fan.  :)

Happy anniversary again, DT.

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Happy 30th DT, Keep he spirit alive! Keep on Rocking!

Only discovered you in 2012, learnt every song within a year and you're still my favourite band!   :metal :metal

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Octavarium is the best them.  :hat

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Congrats on 30yrs of making gr8 music hope you guys rock on for many more years.

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I can't seem to find good words to congratulate you guys and to express how your music changed my life.

Thanks for inspiring me.

Happy 30th Anniversary Dream Theater!

" Help me live today and help to give me grace to carry out your way "

" I am ready... Help guide me and keep me free "

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I've been a fan of yours since Images & Words and want to thank you for giving me music that has changed the way I play.  As a drummer for 34 years, listening to your music has opened up my mind and made a huge impact into how I play.  So thank you!

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Been a huge fan for just about 10 years now. Hearing your music has changed my perspective of music forever and it has motivated me to learn how to play the guitar. Rock/Metal isn't very popular where I am so listening and learning your music has helped me to progress in learning how to play the guitar and compose music that doesn't copy the popular mainstream sound we are forced to hear each day. I hope one day I can come to a show!

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Lots of first posts in this thread!

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Congratulations on your 30th and Thank You for shaping our lives in music.(: Happy Birthday!

P.S. - I feel obliged to mention the man who was there for 25 years in the band, the man who taught me how to drum - Mike Portnoy.
I'm sure he'll be happy to see that DT is still going strong!

All Hail!


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Congrats for your 30th anniversary. You guys have truly inspired me. The music is beyond incredible, and I'm so glad I found your music.
I can't wait for future albums, and to see you guys live.
''I feel this impending need, to go back to the greatest thing that I've ever experienced''

thank you for 30 years of great music
I remember that day in July 1992 when I took a huge blast in my head when I heard in my favorite record store, 1 piece (Pull me under) of a group that I did not know, and still blast when I listened to the other songs of the album. It was THE Music that I dreamed, my music. And at that moment, Dream Theater has changed my life forever.
Thank you guys for your talent and your music. DT forever

Oliv Eternal Dreamer \ m / (From France)

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Thank you for the music Dream Theater. Thank you for existing. There is no music I like more than yours. I'm happy this band has lasted for 30 years and I wish we'd never age so you kept making music for 30 more.

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Back in 2006, my father gave me a copy of Images and words and i was blown away!

Next year, we drove to Helsinki for a show in the Helsinki ice hall. The band delivered one of the best shows i have ever seen.
Thank you for awesome discography of music, and lets hope you go on for another 20-30 years!

P.S. DTF is possibly the best fan forum in the internet!

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You guys are the best. I remember the day my father showed me Pull me Under in the car back around 2006. I've never looked back, and I now consider myself a DT-obsessive. Thanks for being the best band in the world, and possibly the universe.


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30 years... where has time gone?
Well, Thanks DT for providing the soundtrack to a big part of my life.
Especially thanks to John, for making me hate myself each time I pick up my guitar and try to play one of his riffs! :-)

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Dream Theater has changed my life.

It brought me back into music, it brought me back into playing the guitar, it has filled my ears every day without exception since 11 years ago, when I first heard them on a friend's car stereo.
Dream Theater is not all, but it comes pretty close.
The soundtrack of my life for sure!