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When I was about 13 and first getting interested in music and learning to play guitar my friend told me "If you like guitar solos then you should listen to Dream Theater" This was just after Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence came out. I listened to Blind Faith, The Glass Prison, and About to Crash and I was hooked. I bought the CD a couple of weeks later and then gradually all of the other albums. Before you, my favorite bands were Joe Satriani and Led-Zeppelin, but you guys were on a completely different level.

6 albums and 13 years later, I have still never heard anything as good as Dream Theater, And I listen to tons of awesome bands all the time. Most bands produce 2 or 3 really good albums and then they either start to sound the same or just aren't as good, but DT has continued to impress and surpass expectations. I consider Scenes From a Memory to be kind of like my bible. t and other DT music is filled with so many great messages hat help me figure out my life and get through hard times. I cant tell you how many times I've been sad about a girl, and the only way I could comfort myself was to remember "There's a new love that's born for each one that has died"

I have become a great guitarist and pianist over the years, mostly from learning to play dream theater songs. Music is my greatest passion in life, and my love for composing and discovering intersting music is all due to Dream Theater. Without DT I would be a very different person, most likely another one of the millions of people riding the bandwagon of the next "cool" band every couple of months without ever experiencing and appreciating music on the level that I love DT's music. It is so original and well written, composed without any preconceptions of what music should sound like or boundries of what music can be, while still being so fun to listen to that I can listen to it over and over for 13 years and it still be more entertaining than anything else.

And I know that many others share my feelings, DT is a huge inspiration for nearly all of my other favorite bands and really the entire progressive metal community.

Thank you Dream Theater for enriching my life and the lives of countless others, thank you for giving me music that brings me more joy than anything else in this world, and keep up the good work. I look forward to more amazing music soon.  :metal

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Greetings from Myanmar. I knew that Dream Theater will be my favorite band after I heard 'Pull me under' from sound-box. My favorite line-up of Dream Theater is James Labrie, John Petrucci, John Myung, Mike Portnoy and Jordan Rudess. But I agree that Mike Mangini is the best substitute for Portnoy. Thanks for the very good songs and music! Please come to Myanmar. You have a lot of fans here. Happy 30th Anniversary!


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No where to start, but I want to thank you for everything. I still remember that first time I started listening to Dream Theater in 2008 with As I Am, panick Attack, The Root Of Evil, Never Enough. Honestly I have no words to thank the great who are truly mean a lot to me. In 2012 I had the opportunity to attend one of the shows of Dream Theater at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was certainly something very special for me, because earlier that year my dad died of cancer and he was who introduced me to the music of Dream Theater. In 2014 I had the opportunity to see them twice in the Mandarine Park and was really the recital of my dreams.
Dream Theater will always be the great inpiración for me (though not touch any instrument) inspires me to draw parts of the lyrics and designing layouts of each of the members.
So Happy 30th Anniversary, DREAM THEATER!!!! Thanks for everything, without you it would not be the same!!!

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Hi guys, I really hope this message will arrive to you,
The first memories of you is when I was twenty. One friend gave me one great and inimitable gift, the CD of  one of your masterpiece, Images and Words. It was tremendous, I think I spent all that summer listening the album. And then, slowly, came the others, and I always live the weeks before the release in a state of strange anxiety. I could not wait, cause I know that the encounter of the poetry and magic of your unlimited talent will create something, again, of magic. Sometimes, when I listening to your album, I feel the sense of life, I could really believe in God, cause only something of inexplicable and mysterious could have created a so beautiful think like Dream Theater. So, I’m sorry for my English, I’m Italian and of course I will be in Pistoia next July. And I have a small request: one of my favorite song, one of that mystic  songs  is “The count of Tuscany”. I think that there cannot exist a concert in Tuscany without that song. So, please, give to me and to all the Italian fans the possibility to live a strong and indelible emotion like listening The Count of Tuscany in a darky Tuscany night.  Thanks, and remember that all the finest wines improve with ages…

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Happy 30 Anniversary! :D I remember when my brother introduced me to DT music that afternoon in 2007. I was blown away listening to SFAM, and it took me some months to carry on and listen the rest of the discography (nowadays I'm in love with Awake, but SFAM will be always special for me, for the sake of nostalgia :P).
Thank you for your music, guys! I love it, it makes me feel happy and I hope to hear it again live when you come to Argentina.

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Just created the strength to write it here right now.

I was about 12 years old the first time a heard about Dream Theater, from a neighbour. It was 2004, maybe almost 2005, as they were already getting ready for their next album, as I heard from him. I looked after it and, oh gosh, how that sounded good to me. And things couldn't get better with Octavarium next year. I searched more about the band the years to come, looking after old materials and albuns as well as following future releases and works.

Time goes by 'till I made to the college, in 2011. There, I met a new friend. What made us get closer was the common joy and love for Dream Theater. This band was the link that brought me to one of my best friends I could have had. We shared our life experiences as Dream Theater played at the background, just like a soundtrack. One of those, never to be forgotten, was "Space-dye Vest", resembling all our love delusion with women and relationship. As silly as it might sound, those moments bounded us like brothers.

We made some promises, like watching all Dream Theater's DVDs  in sequence and going in their next concert here, in Brazil. And we made it, at october 2014, waiting at the doors hours and hours before the beggining. It was my first DT concert. And how I was hoping to hear Space-dye Vest, even though the chances were scarce, I thought. Well, it came just after Scarred, as who looked behind to look at me just to say "You're gonna cry right now", laughing. And I almost did. I'll never forget that day.

This dearest friend of mine died this year, 03/29/2015, victim of a running over. I can't truly express how badly I miss him, but I can say this band brought me together to one of the best friends I could have. All the discussions about each single album, whiskey glasses and laughters. All became to be because one day we sat beside to each other and said 'hey, you like Dream Theater too!".

In this 30th year, thank you for giving us such inspiring songs and beatiful concepts of music. Thank you for making this friendship possible at the very beggining. And please, give to your fans a brilliant new album to enjoy. I guess he would really look foward to that. "You're gonna cry right now". Yeah. This time, you got it right, you jerk.

"Move on, be brave/ Don't weep at my grave/ Beacuse I'm no longer here/ But please never let/ Your memory of me disappear"

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Dear DT,

Thank you so much for 30 years of the most incredible music I have ever heard.  I would dare to say perfection!!
You are all truly masters and it a pleasure and an honor to be your fan.

Live long and prosper!

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I first heard DT during the hair band days. A friend invited over one day and said "you gotta hear these guys. It's better than all the other bands." As a musician myself I rolled my eyes. All the hair bands sounded the same but different, so what could these guys possess that no one else did?

To say I was blown away must be the understatement of the century! I was instantly hooked and they have influenced my own musicianship in myriads of ways.

Then came I&W, and if I thought WDADU was great, this album took it all. It played the tape to death and brought it back to "The Wall" to exchange for a free new copy. And then it happened, we were all given permission to go to concerts.

The first of many was Old Bridge NJ. It was a small, intimate  venue that perpetually smelled like booze and cigs. And the gig didn't ever start til about 12:30 AM. Once it started I somehow managed to be in the front row every time, pressed hard against the stage. But it was all worth it. Same for Awake but by then the little club built a barrier on the front of the stage.

Then came the ytsejam listserve emails. In the begining it was maybe 3-5 times per week, and by the time it got to Awake it was all spam all day long. Undeterred I wrote a massively long posting series about Awake, analyzing the lyrics and music in minute details. From that list I also bought a few bootlegs of the concerts I went to as well as some other stuff produced by Skadz. Some really rare stuff too.

There is so much that can be said about the band, about all the members past and present, about the fans, the experiences, everything that is Dream Theater. I have carried their music with me throughout my life for the last 27ish years and I still wait anxiously for the next album and concert.

Thanks for all the great memories, and looking forward  to the next 30 years. Best wish for Mazel, Hatzlacha, brocha, nachas, and parnassah tova b'revach (Jordan will translate).

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I suppose this will look like any other fan letter and I think it is too, though this is and will be my first and last at the same time. You could say that I had a moment of weakness and succombed to the fan side of me.

I've been trying many different begginings for this, and I suppose I will never find the best way to express these emotions that are still resonating after listening to surrounded from the live recorded performance of chaos in motion.

I could almost say with confidence, that this hole live performance sounded like you guys had a lot of fun playing that night. Fun you've missed for a while. Anyways, back to my main topic.

Even though I've continued to listen to Dreamtheater occasionally these past 15 years, Mike Portnoy's leaving seamed to me at the moment like the deciding factor about this bands end for me. But... even as I am writing this, this urge to write ''I was wrong'' keeps surging.

Why? Simple. No band has or never will be able to embody these exact thoughts I have at the moment:

As I've been told by a wise man, in life, shit hapens. And all you can do to keep your dignity during these times is to keep trying to achieve your goals, to move forward.

When I listen to DreamTheater, I keep on seeing these glimpses of my past difficulties, as I am sure they are too when playing, and can't help but feel complete while hearing their music, and only theirs.

This... this is exactly what music should be. Not just the sounds, not just the musicians and their talent, but the ability to leave a mark on each and every one of us.

We all want to leave a mark on this earth before leaving it, but not all can.

So... to DreamTheater I say,

After 30 years of existence,

keep on rocking in this free world!

Take all of our Dreams and keep performing on your stage for us, so that we might be able to dream a little too.

That's all folks.

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Hello DT! Don't know how to start... Thank you so much for being who you are, thank you for the inspiration! You are the best in the whole world; I cannot imagine my life without listening to your music every day. It's an honor and a pleasure to be your fan.

The first song that my brother showed me was Octavarium, and I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I continued to search and never stopped! I never found a band that was exactly my style, that I really liked to hear, but then I found you!

Thank you again, thanks for the beautiful lyrics, thanks for the dedication you have had during these 30 years, we are so proud of you! Please don't stop playing.... together!

I have piano classes and my brother is teaching me guitar, and anytime I'm practicing, all I think about is that I wanna be like you, you are my motivation and inspiration!

I'm only 15 years old, and you probably know it but you are incredible, and there will never be enough words to describe you! I really really love your songs, your technique, your passion, your ability to composition and performance!

Happy 30th Anniversary,  looking forward to the next 30 years!!

I hope someday I can see you live and have a talk with you!

Love from Portugal, Beatriz R. (please come here on this tour!!)  :heart  :metal
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If you were to take ALL of the music that I have ever LOVED and put it in a blender, DT would probably be the result! Or, to put it another way: You are the ONE band that comes CLOSEST to doing EVERYTHING that I like!!
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If you were to take ALL of the music that I have ever LOVED and put it in a blender, DT would probably be the result! Or, to put it another way: You are the ONE band that comes CLOSEST to doing EVERYTHING that I like!!
I agree with this 100%.
would have thought the same thing but seeing the OP was TAC i immediately thought Maiden or DT related
Winger Theater Forums................or WTF.  ;D

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I wonder what DT are actually gonna do with this thread. I'm intrigued...

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Hello dear Dream Theater!!!
I want congratulate you with your anniversary and wish all the BEST… I really love you as musically as personally. What your music’s done for me it’s priceless… Let me tell you a story… 
I live in Russian Federation\Khabarovsk city… In childhood I was very weak because doctors gave me an injection that changed my physical shape (The skeletal system and now I can’t walk yet), health and my life too. Doctors tried to change the situation but it was In vain … I didn’t know should I live or should I die during a difficult treatment they prescribe to me. There were 14 years of experiments they did over my body (injections, drugs etc..). I was a child, when the doctors set me three mistaken diagnosis and nobody knows what to do even now. The skeletal system health is undefined my real diagnose too. They said I wouldn’t stay alive… But they were wrong… I was inspired by JP & I’m going for Powerlifting I’m the one among sportsmen whose own weight is only 25 kilos in our paralympic-sport school and I do bench press 40 kg In honor of JP.  I can’t tell everything here but guys thank you very MUCH you develop me and show me the right way to move!!!!!!!     
Now I’m 30 years old. When I was 15 I’ve met your incredible music that changed my life it was written on a cassette of my sister… I became your fan, I understood YOU SING MY LIFE!! The first masterpiece was SFAM… My friend and I translated it from English into Russian)) JP writes special lyrics so it’s not easy to translate it to the other language quietly closer to the meaning sometimes… I’m planning to translate all albums… 
Soo!! HAPPY ANIVERSARRY!! Love, Inspiration, health.. I have no such vocabulary to say all I feel!! Guys I love you with all my heart!!! JP you’re my guardian angel who makes incredible magic things in my life come true… You’re like my parents)))) I have only wish to join to you one day! Please Come to Khabarovsk!!!     :heart :heart :heart 

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I wonder how many people writing here would actually stick around after it's all done.

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I wonder how many people writing here would actually stick around after it's all done.
None. DTF will be empty after this.

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I wonder what DT are actually gonna do with this thread. I'm intrigued...
They are posting entries from this thread on their facebook page.
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I wonder what DT are actually gonna do with this thread. I'm intrigued...
They are posting entries from this thread on their facebook page.
Huh. I never get any posts from their facebook page. I'm not one of those "You got removed for being inactive" people, either, as I use Facebook near daily.

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The first time I hear DT was the Train Of Thought in 2005, days later DT come to Barcelona and I didnt come to see them for my ignorance.... one friend gives me this album, for this time i listen to slipknot ( im obsessed by drums!!!) and think that joey jordison was the best drummer in world.... later than hear Stream Of Consciousness my opinion changes and I start listening DT albums one and another. I have all albums and the When Dream in vinyl. the most stronger thing about DT is when was foundated in the same month and year that I born. that thing is special for me.....

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From the grandeur of 'Octavarium' to the overtures of '1928', or the heartfelt lyrics of Mike Portnoy on 'The Best of Times' to the virtuoso ability of Mike Mangini shown on 'The Enigma Machine' - Dream Theater's music is something I hold closely to heart. It is a pleasure to see a timeless ensemble such as Dream Theater celebrate 30 years of playing the best progressive metal music in the world and I hope that there are many more years ahead for the band to continue doing what they are passionate about and also continue igniting passion within fans such as myself.

The spirit carries on!

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I haven't posted in this forum for what feels like an eternity, but after hearing about this message to the band, I thought it appropriate to come back and let you know how much the band means to me. From here on out, this message goes out to the band.

Hi. I'm Mike. You met me once outside the rosemont theater on your dramatic tour. Although my presence is unmemorable compared to the vast multitude of fans you meet everyday, saying hi meant a great deal to me. Without your music, I don't know where I would be. To this day, whenever I need redirection with my art, hope in times of darkness, or just a simple pick me up, you are there for me.
To you, this is beautiful music. It truly is, and I concur. Without it, I don't know how I would have perservered through the hard times I have endured.
And for that, I thank you.
Thanks for the memories. :)

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What I mean to say is something that I don't know how to say properly, so simply put: Thank you for providing amazing music that is both timeless and always new. Both your music and lyrics have inspired me for a long time. Congrats on making it to 30 years! Here's to many more years of happiness and great music.
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I remember the first time I ever listened to a "Dream Theater" song must have been when I got through "Guitar Hero World Tour" for the very first time and played "Pull Me Under" throughout the credits of the game. At that point it was just one of the hardest and most complicated songs I've ever played, but I liked it very much.
A few months later my best friend and I were sitting together at another friends home. The three of us had a band together a that time. My best friend introduced us to the "Live At Budokan" DVD and I was just blown away. For me, as a bassist, a completely new world opened up in front of my eyes, when I saw John Myung's playing. Also the other four member's abilities were absolutely astounding and their music was so complex, technical and at the same time did not lose any emotionality at all. It was simply unlike anything I've ever heard before. From that moment on I knew that this was the music I wanted to play, to learn, spent time with and that would inspire me throughout my entire life.
That was in 2008. Anno Domini 2015 you're still my favorite band. I've been seeing you every single time you came to Europe since 2009 and will continue doing so. Your music has helped me through many times in life. May it be good and joyful, or hard and complicated days. I've once heard someone say that the music you always listen to and that is your favorite will always provide a feeling of safety, a familiar emotion that just simply feels like home. I can tell he or she was right.
I love the music you play, I love you as a band, I love your personalities, even though I only had the chance to talk to you once yet. I am thankful for everything you've done and for the music you create. You probably don't know what you and your songs mean to me, but be sure I will always keep supporting you as much as I can.
Happy 30th Anniversary!

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Been a fan for a bit over 10 years now, and for that entire time DT has been an inspiration to me. You've helped me get through some hard times and good times. Seeing Dream Theater live the two times I've been able was a literally epic experience!

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I was first introduced to Dream Theater in 2004 by a friend at an athletics club. I was hooked straight away and proceeded to buy every single album they had released up to that point. We went on a family holiday to Florida in 2005 and I found out Dream Theater were playing in Orlando so I persuaded my dad to take me along. 

When I started university two years later I met my future husband wearing a Dream Theater t-shirt at the local student’s union. We saw them play whenever they came to the UK including my home city in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where I caught Portnoy’s drum stick despite being only 5 foot 3 and unable to catch a cold!

Later we bought the Black Clouds and Silver Linings box set where we won one of the few Silver Tickets to meet the band, which was an amazing experience.

Finally last year after 8 years together we got married, I walked down the aisle to our favourite band, and we did our first dance together to ‘Along for the Ride’.

So thank you Dream Theater for all of the music, and most of all for being the reason I met my husband who takes great delight in the fact he was born in 1985, the same year as the band formed (Sorry for mentioning that!)
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I was 19 when I went to a vintage music store in Tel-Aviv, sometime in 1995. I was checking this Jackson guitar that I ended up buying. Playing Metallica's Enter Sandman on it. Suddenly approached a guy who used to be my neighbour (now he's neither my neighbour nor a guy, as a simple operation in Thaliand changed that little thingy...). I didn't know it but apparently he's been playing bass. He told me I should listen to this band called Dream Theater. They try to make heavy metal into art and they have this really great guitarist called John Petrucci.
Awesome, thanks. Off I went to a near record store (we used to have these back then, before internet) and looked on the shelf. I picked one CD randomly and I had this rule - I didn't like listening to a CD before I bought it since most of the CD's I owned needed more than one listen. So I simply picked one. It was A change of seasons. The musicianship blew me away. I LOVED it. But I was disappointed that hearing such an amazing song, I only got covers on the rest of the album. I was thirsty for more. And although it was a 23 minute song, it was still only one song. So I had to get back to Tel-Aviv, bought Awake and the rest is history. Seen DT 5 times in Stockholm as I live in Sweden for the last 12 years. Last 2 times were Meet & Greet, and I have a 7-string Schecter guitar with Petrucci's signature pick-ups. Took it to the show and now I have DT autographs on that one :)

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From the Red

My journey with you has been curious. I am after all, the Red.

My friend hippie stumbled upon "Overture 1928" one winter day in late 2003, and after having me listen to it, i of course went digging for more. Although he did not ultimately find the music to his tastes, i did. Being that 'Train of thought' was the newest album at the time, i started with this, and it does to this day remain one of my favorites.

As a singer, i began to practice on your songs every day, at one point singing your entire discography in one single 7 hour marathon.

It was not until around 2006 that i happened upon your extensive archive of bootlegs, and it was then that i really began to dig into your history of sound. To me, every show is a new album, and the most definitive truth of ones history.

It was during this time that i first met Edward Polzin.
Through him i was able to dig ever deeper into your recorded archives, hearing hundreds of shows, and appreciating the energies of your music not just from tour to tour, but from month to month.

Despite this indirect connection, i am of course one who was never truly inside the room, and upon the distinct shifts in your sound i can only guess at the story of your lives.

While i do enjoy your 1992-1994 shows, i will always feel that the raw energy and emotion of the years 1995-1997 are far superior. I remember when first reading about the vocal injury, i had assumed this period to be something less, buried in history. Hearing these shows for the first time was an awakening of sorts. I even came to believe that the injury itself was a lie.

For all my love of Train of Thought, i place Six Degrees (my favorite) and Falling into Infinity at the top. Sure, the album cut of Falling was so badly mangled, but the songs themselves, and so many of the buried tracks shine with brilliance in show. It is the shows from 1996 and 1997 that i find myself most often returning to. I've never heard a better Ytse Jam than 1996. I've never heard James more powerful than 1997.

It goes then without saying that this is due in part to that i have always adored what Derek brought to the band. He is truly a brilliant mind for melodies and themes. But let it stand that Jordan's melodies gave us Six Degrees.

Often i do lament that your tours do not cover more ground from your work, like is the case with Pearl Jam. It is tough to think of all the songs that have not been played for so many years.

Here are a smattering of my favorites, bolded ones being the total favorites:
Another Won, Afterlife, Ones who help to set the sun, Under a Glass Moon, Innocence Faded, Lifting shadows off a dream, Scarred, A change of seasons, Take away my pain, Anna Lee, Hell's Kitchen (full), Raise the Knife, Where are you now?, Burning my soul, Overture 1928, Through her eyes, Misunderstood, About to Crash, Solitary Shell, This dying soul, Honor thy father, The answer lies within, These walls, Forsaken, The dark eternal night, Repentance, Stargazer, Breaking all Illusions

There is a certain pattern to what parts of your sound i enjoy the most. I will say that for all the fan pressure to hear more Myung penned lyrics, i have always felt most connected to those penned by James. My favorite guitar work by John on this list would have to be Ones who help to set the sun (also favorite lyrics), Take away my pain, Misunderstood, Repentance, and Breaking all Illusions.

Although your self titled album never really stuck with me as much as past works, i have found that the quality of your show sound is lately as high as it has been since 1997/2003/2004. I feel that Mangini has a very slightly different fall to his beat, maybe best put as a little more Tool like in its ability to give breathing space to the sound.

I am very looking forward to hearing your next album.

Edit: Just listened to About to Crash, As i Am, and The spirit carries on from Metalhammer 2015. Among the best versions (virgins) of the songs i have ever heard. Power of Mangini on display.
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I suffer from numerous psychological issues, but the music of Dream Theater has helped me since I was 13 years old.

I used to be running from The Enemy Inside, but then I realized that I was trapped inside of an Octavarium. Sure, my wheel's always been in Constant Motion, but isn't that just because I'm Learning To Live? So take me As I Am, this is a New Millennium and I am still In The Presence Of Enemies. For so long I was stuck living in Hollow Years, but I realized that The Spirit Carries On and most importantly The Answer Lies Within. Unfortunately, I have my own Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. But as long as The Count Of Tuscany is not knocking at my door, I can Take The Time and live Another Day.

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In 1990, my step father and I were looking for new talent or talent that was new to us and we had stumbled upon a band named Dream Theater in a Columbia house catalog. We both were dream enthusiasts and thought the name was very intriguing. My step father bought the tape we say entitled "When dream and day unite" and let me listen to it on my own free time. He and I became a fan of theirs from that day. He a bit more than I

It was approximately late winter of 1992, I just arrived home on leave from the US Coast Guard when my step father, Ed, informed that he had gone to a DT concert and a meet and greet. He told me that he had the opportunity to speak with the band and their fan club manager. Ed went on to tell me  that the club manager had asked him if he was the one from Maine sending Fates Warning all of the fan mail. The manager had informed Ed that he was also the fan club manager of Fates Warning. Ed, knowing how much of a fan I was,  informed the manager that it must have been his step son (me) who had been sending those letters to FW.  I was excited to know that my letters made such an impression.  My step father then  invited me down to the basement where he had all of his recording and other musical equipment with a promotional cd entitled, "Dream Theater: Metropolis Part I: The Miracle and Sleeper". He sat me down, turned his stereo up and out came this music that vibrated thru me, making every sense of my being want to ignite. It was a moment that you never forget. Weeks would go by that I would be blasting that cd until the album came out. From there it made 1992 a very unforgettable year.

DT has been a huge part of our lives since 1990. The meeting with the band and the club manager, who gave my step father that promo will forever be etched in our souls. Thank you for the years and we look forward to many more to come.

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Thank God for Z-Rock or I would have never heard of you guys

Loyal fan since 1992

Congratulations on your 30th, which coincidentally also happens to be my 30th wedding anniversary too (June 15)

I have a very important question pertaining to the band and that all of the other fans I know would like to know and have thought about this before. I see there are so many venues and 2 year tours now which must be extremely exhausting for you to play over and over with only 6-8 months of fun and fresh creative studio time. We know your determined, but with age and time, if it became too much to travel and be a way from family,  would you tour less and possibly put out more albums instead for fans like myself?

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Since I was a music major in college I have always had a picky taste for music I listen to.  It took till I was 50 years old before someone told me about Dream Theater.  Now, 3 years later I can't stop listening.  I sure hope I can see them live before I get too old.
Please do another USA tour!

Congrats on 30 years!

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I want to join the tour en set the real sound for you when you're performing life for all the fans.
I am living in the Netherlands and I am free and having time when you're touring everywhere.

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Thank you for 30 years amazing musics that gave us, I wish that DT will make more Asia tour especially in Malaysia that never happen before.