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The first time I heard about Dream Theater was in 1998 when a friend showed me about 10 seconds of a change of seasons,  I asked him for the name of the band and completely forgot it.
Back in 2001, I moved to the US, not knowing anyone,  and one of my Napster sessions looking for music from Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and others I kept getting a people downloading a change of seasons,  so I did.  After doing that and thanks to Napster, I bought all the albums 5 DVD and seen you guys live 4 times.
So 30 years of music sounds like a lot but I wish I had met your music before, until today you guys keep my creativity and productivity flowing.
I consider that Dream Theater is embedded in my live forever.
A funny/sad story is that when Mike left the band I was also heartbroken because my girlfriend at that time left me,  but when I read the news about Mike,  I felt so sad that I stopped caring about my now ex girlfriend,  I guess a huge thanks for one of the most difficult times for the band.
I admire you from the music side and the business side of things.
Your fan

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Dream Theater is a band that has truly touched my Life.  Listening to the band through out the years can be best described as an Experience and a Journey.  I have always felt a sense of experiencing something that was well beyond the typical Music experience.  It has always felt like much much more, akin to viewing a Picasso, or listening to a great classical Composer.  This is not simply Music and songs, but a Journey that has lasted nearly 3 decades, if speaking for myself.  Their expertise and the development of their Craft is beyond what is typical in this genre or any other.  I am not sure they will ever quite get their Just Do, but they always will, as it pertains to my opinion. 

The Band has enhanced my Life.  The enjoyment that i have received has stretches from my teen years right into my current 40's.  They have outlasted Girl Friends, a WIFE, and even more Girl Friends!  There are songs and Albums i reach for when i am feeling a certain way, or experiencing tough times.  There is always a DT piece of music that i can relate to my current life and times.  I consider that priceless.  I have seen them more times then i care to admit too, and will continue to do so for as long as my finances and The Band hold out!

So, I just want to thank them from the absolute bottom of my heart for allowing myself and others to enjoy their Work.  I offer sincere thanks and hope that they continue to exist for another 30 years!

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Congratulations to all for reaching this milestone.  I have no idea where you find the enthusiasm let alone the energy necessary to tour and record at the pace that you do, but wherever you find it, it's clearly working for you, and we thank you for the art that lifts our spirits and feeds our souls.  I've lived through some dark days over the last 30 years, and it has often been the music of Dream Theater that has strengthened me, and seen me through to better times.  Thank you, for being who you are, and sharing your gifts with us.

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Ufffff ... Let's go back in time twenty years ago.

At that time I was just starting to listen heavy music. And of course, it started with the classics (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy, etc) and continued with heavier stuffs, always searching the perfect mix between heaviness and technique. My best friend showed me and lent me a tape from Killers (one of Paul DiAnno's bands) because it had a version of "Remember Tomorrow". All of this, in side A of the tape. On the side B ... WDADU ... I found the voice of Charlie kinda weird, funny ... but the music was stunning ... And with Ytse Jam I was absolutely freaked out!!!

With this "incredible" band in mind another friend lend me I&W ... and when I took the disc from the player after having heared, I discovered my  favourite band ...

Then, I started to collect the albums, DVDs, bootlegs ... And you followed me in many times of my life ... Also, I had the enormous honour of watching you three times in Chile (2005 - The First One [your biggest audience!!], 2008 and 2010 [2 weeks after the tragic earthquake]) ..

Thanks guys!!

Happy 30th (first) Anniversary!!!

We'll be here celebrating with you

Greetigs and hugs from Chile

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Happy 30th anniversary to DT :tup

Thank you MP (for everything through 2010) John, John, James, Jordan, Mike, Kevin, Derek and Charlie for all of your fantastic input and accomplishments. If only MP would return the band would once again rule the world! Or at least, MY musical world! :chill

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Greetings from Portugal.

Huge Huge Huge fan. Love all the work you have done so far and hope that you continue for a very long time.
Proud to have the same age as Dream Theater.

Thanks a lot for everything.
Come back soon

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Love the One Post Wonders in the thread. Hopefully you guys stick around and contribute to the forum.
would have thought the same thing but seeing the OP was TAC i immediately thought Maiden or DT related
Winger Theater Forums................or WTF.  ;D

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Hi, i am Alain from Venezuela, to say Dream Theater is my favorite band it isn´t enough, i found them when i was 15 now im 28, i read an article about a crazy drummer called Mike Portnoy and saw a picture of his "siamese monster 1.0" and i was very impressed and wondering how he was able to play all that drums so i search their music on internet and the first song was "The Glass Prison"... Man that was sick!!  like 14 minutes!! and there was passages of the song that was complicated for me at that time, but i listened over and over and said to me "i have to play that!", so i started to research on their discografy and at that time Train of Through was new, over these year Dream Theater has been in my life in good times and bad times, and has made me not only a better musician but a better person. i had the opportunity to see them in march 24th 2010 and it was the last show of a DT tour with Mike Portnoy as a drummer, noboby knew that at that time, but it was the best experience of my life. when mike left the band i was confused but then became the auditions wich made me rediscover awesome drummers and their projects besides the whole DT audition thing. Mike Mangini is not only a hell of a drummer but an excellent person who raised the band to a new level. John Petrucci is a tecnical guitar player obviously but he have a soul and a feeling in all that millions of notes, Jordan really is a wizzard litterally!, John Myung is an inspiration as a person because on stage he rocks as nobody but at the same time is very humble and simple, James beside his pirate alter ego it is a gentleman, he has trough some hard times but no matter what people could say he is the front man of Dream Theater, and MP is my musical supero hero of all times any band that he name i google it and its awesome, any project that he is in i listen to it and it open a whole universe for me while being in DT and now in this new era. i mean how can i express my gratitud for this guys? even my daugthers enjoy their music and the cartoons from. i can´t wait to catch them again on tour and rock with you for 3 hours and continue this ride.

Thank you guys for touching my life with your music and your example.

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Thank you for weaving your way into the fabric of my soul with your amazing music. My feelings towards your music are so profound and indescribable, I'm just going to leave it at this.

Please stick around for a long time :metal :heart

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There's a lot of things I have to say about this that I'm not sure where to start. I'm just a single fan from Mexico, but for me, this band is quite special. I was born in '85, and I'm going to get 30, the same years you're having of career, and I feel DT's music so close, that I feel that is part of my life. I first heard about you around '97, when I saw the Awake album at the home of some random guy, and I felt curious enough to start investigating about you, but it wasn't until '99 when I really started to get into this wonderful music, and there was a name of a song that caught my atention "Metropolis Pt1" and I strted to listen to it, and it was quite different of what I heard before, more close to the music I used to listen in my early days, jazz music. Then I started to digging more and more, and it was a challenge to me to really understand and get your music. It was until 2006 when I first attended to my first DT show, at the National Auditorium in Mexico City with the 20th Anniversary tour, I was at the very back row, and I couldn't avoid to start crying with several songs, but it was when you started to play Octavarium, and it was a magic moment, I was totally shocked. By this time I was so familiar to DT's music, and is the situation that I'm having the same age as the band's career, that I'm feeling so close to you, to this band, that sometimes I feel that you're like some kind of relatives. For me DT's music provides me more than a good moment of great music, for me is more than just entretainment; Dream Theater's music has a lot of meaning to me, that sometimes it gives sense, and provide some direction to my personal life, sometimes the lyrics, the passages, the riffs provide me some understanding for several situations of my life, and encourages me to have a different view about life in general, to see the bigger picture instead of being at some comfort zone looking the same image, it challenges me to achieve things that I was not sure to do. I remember when you came to Mexico City in 2008, I was through a tough economical moment, and somehow I made it to the concert, and when you played Surrounded I felt and great internal peace, and I felt so confident that at a certain moment that situation would've been reverted, and it was. Last year, when it was the "Along for the Ride Tour", I took the challenge and the adventure to go by my own for the first time to New York City. It was the right time to do it, and the main reason was to meet you for the first time, and even when it was a very fast moment for the M&G, it was a very special moment, and a highlight in my life to finally meet you guys before the show in New York City, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center.

And now, I'm having the opportunity to travel overseas to attend to the Wacken Open Air, and I'll be there attending to your first ever performance there, and I'll be there singing along, and I hope this would be a great moment. Summarizing, you are a great band, the music is amazing, there's a lot of wisdom in your lyrics, in the instrumental passages. You're a big influence for my, I like to play the guitar and I'm trying to do my best in order to play it better each day.

Congratulations, and receive a warm hug from my side, and thank for your beautiful music.


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It was winter 1992-1993 and legendary Klaus Flaming, the host of the Finnish radio show Metalliliitto (Metal Union), was introducing a song and for some reason I pressed the record button on my tape deck although I didn't hear the name of the band. I was 15 years old and I fell in love instantly, but it took me a long time before I could find out what the name of the band or even the name of this awesome song was, because Soundhound or Internet forums didn't exist yet and none of my friends knew what it was!

About one year later I heard the same song playing at the local youth center and rushed into the small room where the stereo was. There was a guy, who actually was living in the house next door to me, and he told me that the name of the band was Dream Theater and that song was Metropolis Pt 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper.

As soon as I got the money, I bought the album and that album really had a big role in shaping my musical taste into more progressive direction. Not so long after that I started listening to Rush, then Yes, Genesis and other classic progressive rock bands. Dream Theater has of course been one of my favourites during all these years, although Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and Train of Thought were really not my cup of tea back then, but thanks to Octavarium and the awesome title song, I found you again.

Thank you so much for making great music!

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One of my best friends introduced me to Dream Theater in 1996. For my birthday he bought me Images and Words, Awake and A Change of Seasons... He said, "just listen and you'll be hooked". Well initially it took a few months to really grasp the complexity of Dream Theater's music (Van Halen was always in the CD rotation at that time, and their lead singer rotation was somewhat of a blessing in disguise; truth be told) . My ears & brain weren't well adjusted to the lengthy songs or the constant time signature changes. What my memory does serve me is when I first listened to A Change of Seasons in its entirety. WOW!!! That was the hook, line and sinker for me. So in 1997, when Falling Into Infinity came out, I had to see Dream Theater live. Being from Connecticut, Toads Place was my first of many (totaling 15 so far) live shows. From Toads Place, to The Webster Theater, the Meadows (w/ Deep Purple & ELP), Oakdale Theater, Jones Beach, BB Kings, Madison Square Garden (w/ Maiden), Bank of America Pavilion (Boston), and last year at the Hammerstein Ballroom (NYC), every live show has been EPIC in their own way.

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I was 13 when I was first introduced to hard rock. I still didn't like metal in general. Back then I used to believe that metal was all like trash and death metal, which are too intense for me to handle with my tiny baby ears. I've seen Dream Theater several times on shelves, but I just ignore them because I thought I wouldn't like them.

I remember sooo vividly how I first tried listening to their music. Oh, happy day~ :heart That day in 2007 (by that time I was 17), my mom brought me and one of my closest friend downtown to an edutainment library that had just opened for business. Though, it's titled 'edutainment' it still sound pretty boring, still I went, no matter how unwillingly. I, who back then wasn't interested in books, almost immediately discovered the music library once I stepped inside. In there were posters and a whole lot of CDs of different musical genres. One side of the wall was wholly glass, overlooking the downtown cityscape. And in front of the glass were small tables with stools. I walked over to see that, embedded in the tabletops were Ipods, one for each table, with headphone hanging ready on the side. Intrigued, I sat on the middle one, put on the headphone and started browsing. I remember trying to listen to some other music, but they weren't to my taste. So, I decided to browse by genre. I selected metal and the very first song I saw was Dream Theater's 'In The Presence of Enemies, Part 1'. I remember that I was like "Sure. Why the hell not?". So, then I hit play. The music started playing. And then my mind was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY BLOWN APART PIECE BY PIECE. I was totally speechless! Full 9 minutes of the whole song I sat there absorbing the magnificence and basking in the glory that was and is Dream Theater. The tone, the range, the depth, everything was perfect. Later that day we went to a mall and I rushed to the nearest music store to find 'Systematic Chaos'. I remember that they didn't have that album, but what they did have was 'Octavarium'. I grabbed it without hesitation. I love, love, love that album! And when I finally got my hands on Systematic Chaos, my hype train could not be stopped! I searched the heavens, roamed the high seas, tracked down and bought every single Dream Theater studio albums there was. 8 years have passed, I've just recently fulfilled my quest and completed my Dream Theater collection with 'Falling into Infinity'. Now I have from 'Images and Words' to their self-titled album which I love to death, by the way!  I also have their best-of album and 'A Change of Seasons' EP. I got to go watch them live in 2012 as well! My first time ever in a concert. It was ROCKIN'!! :metal I'm also considering having a Dream Theater tattoo on me forever, that's how passionate I am about this band!

As a huge fan and an artist, I'd like to thank you for your music that had and always will inspire me. Happy 30th anniversary, DT! I'm super excited for this year's new release!

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First of all, huge congratulations on 30 years of great music and still going strong!
I just wanted to let you know how important and life-changing your music has been for me.
I grew up in a very fundamentalist religious family and community. Since the church also had its own religious school I had little influence from the outside world.
I was introduced to your music in my early teens by my older brother who had left the faith. It absolutely turned my world around, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. I loved it from the first moment.
I had never felt that I fitted very well in the restricting mold the church had given me, their rules didn't allow me to be me. Your music gave me strength I didn't know I had and I slowly began to change into the person I really wanted to be. I listened every chance I got, read the lyrics over and over and would fall asleep with your music in my ears. I was told repeatedly not to listen to your music, that you were agents of Satan and would lead me to hell. I had to endure hours of counseling sessions, both at home and with the church leaders, where they tried to turn me back to the "right path" and did their best to cast out the demon that apparently was the reason that I liked your music so much.
The day after I got my first job and could provide for myself I had the Majesty-symbol tattooed on my arm, my mark of freedom, something that made my mother cry for hours and my father wanting to throw me out of the house. (fortunately my mother stopped him but I still moved out shortly after) Today, 20 years after I listened to you for the first time, your music still reminds me to live my life for me and not to please others. Without your music to draw strength and inspiration from I'm not sure I would have been able to break free from a life that wasn't for me. I don't know if I can explain in words how much the songs you have created have ment to me. To me Dream Theater was a gateway to a whole new world, filled with great music, where I could be me and live free.

Sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Emma Lidé

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First...Congratulations on your 30 year milestone!

I first discovered you guys in 1993 when I heard a couple tracks from Images and Words. I've been a fan ever since. Thanks for always making such creative and inspiring music. To me, your music has always been so full of emotions. Again, thanks for the music! Keep rockin'.

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Reading through all these posts is awesome as is seeing how many people joined just to post in this thread.

Equally cool is how many people have been impacted by DT's latter day output. So many of us who have been long time fans tend to think
nothing can compare to the run from I&W thru SFaM but just as many people have had life changing experiences from 8V onward
and that is amazing!

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Reading through all these posts is awesome as is seeing how many people joined just to post in this thread.

Equally cool is how many people have been impacted by DT's latter day output. So many of us who have been long time fans tend to think
nothing can compare to the run from I&W thru SFaM but just as many people have had life changing experiences from 8V onward
and that is amazing!

Your post also got posted on DT Facebook, so congrats here. ;)

I got a chance to tell Mr. Rudess this through one of his livestream comment feeds, but I'd still love for the rest of the guys to get a chance to see it:
When I was about 8 I went to see my brother at his college. That day he stopped by Best Buy to get a copy of Six Degrees, and I heard you guys' music for the first time. After he brought it home I would sit and listen to disc one over and over while just staring at the computer screen watching the progress bar, and I decided I had to learn how to make music like that. Nearly 13 years later, I'm one semester away from graduating top of my class with a music degree because of you guys. You guys are still my favorite band by far. I've never gotten to see you live yet, but as soon as I graduate my brother and I plan to drive however far it takes to get meet and greet tickets to your next tour.
Thanks for the awesome music and inspiration! Congrats on 30 years!

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Happy anniversary to my all time favorite band. Words can not describe how much I love your music. I feel sorry for all the other bands I've been almost ignoring due to how much I've been listening to you. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you come back stronger than ever with the album you started recording this year. It will be hard, considering how high of a standard you have set with your previous albums. One of my biggest dreams is seeing you perform live, but unfortunately you never graced the country of Serbia with your presence. I've never felt so moved, touched and blown away by any music. It's hard to believe you've been around for 30 years, considering how fresh you still sound, which I am sure you will prove yet once again on your next album. If you ever perform in Serbia, you wont just be making this 15-year-old extremely happy, but you will also be pleasing your many serbian fans who have been starving for seeing you live for far too long. Again, happy 30th anniversary, I hope you have many great years to come and I can't wait to hear your next album or to one day see you perform.

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Two years ago my drummer and I were talking about Liquid Tension Experiment based on a Youtube I had seen and I commented on the keyboard player and how he was in Dream Theater. He said that was his favorite band and asked me if I had heard any Dream Theater. I replied that while I had heard of the band I had not heard any material by them. He said he had a CD in his truck he would let me borrow and gave it to me after rehearsal. When I got home I opened the CD case and there was only disc 2 of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. He had left disc 1 in his truck player. Ok, so I pop in disc 2 and after 30 seconds I was hooked. Wait, let me put it another way: I am 60 years old there have been only a few times during my lifetime that I actually changed listening habits (i.e. changing what I listen to). It was at this moment that I had been taken in a whole new direction. After listening to the SDOIT suite I sat back and said to myself,"I am exhausted". The music was so intense and complex yet so listenable that I now have a favorite band and since that moment I have bought every DT album and DVD available and collected close to 170 live shows. I can't get enough. I look forward to every album, every DVD and every video clip that shows up on Youtube. Thanks so much for giving me a whole new musical avenue to travel down at this late stage in my life. Maybe one day you will come close enough to my neck of the woods that I can experience a DT concert in person. Maybe I'll see YOU on the road!

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I remember the exacly day that I've first hearded about Dream Theater... I was a 12 years old kid, who have listened A LOOOT of Rush. Then one day I just came to my dad's room, and he call me to check this guy out... This dude can sing power high notes in the most awesome way! I entered, and he was watching Scenes From New York... It was Home! I loved! Just like that! No further, no bullshit... Just love it, at the exacly moment I saw you guys and listened to your fantastic music!
The way Mike played his drums... The way John Petrucci was doing his guitar riffs and solos (I was learning guitar at the time) just blew me away! And wtf is Jordan Rudess??? That guy REALLY knows how to play a keyboard, man! Just the best! And then I saw... This oriental guy, super obscure and fuckin crazy in the bass! Man... It was JUST the begining of a true love story!
I've got addicted for this band! I've searched all the history, back in Majesty days... Band members names, albuns, discography, videography, bootlegs... Everything... I've spent a looong long time just listening Dream Theater! Nothing else!
The years pass bye, and I've started to follow the band (record terms) and a couple of years later I got my first show! It was AWESOME! I couldn't believe that I was seeing you guys IN PERSON! Unfortunatley I live in Brazil... A country that I can't see A LOT of shows, like some other countrys... But I have gone in 2 shows here, and every tour here, I'll be there!

I just wanna really thank you guys for 30 years of wonderful music, inspiration and happiness!
I wanna say congratulations to ALL of you! All of the member that have founded Dream Theater, Majesty, and specially the member who still are giving their best to us, fans!

Thank you all guys! I really love you <3

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In this 30th anniversary i want to share part of my life with the band and how they changed it's course. Everything started with A Change of Seasons. It was an invitation to listen to their music after playing covers in a way they sounded better than  the original recordings. After that it was a constant discovery of masterpieces in each album I was able to find. What was so curious was that each album fitted in every episode of my life. Remorse and self forgiveness with the Awake and Metropolis II albums where very personal to the point both saved me from auto destruction; Images and Words gave me hope to dream again; Train of Thought was the eternal fight against memories and loneliness; Octavarium to face the monotony of a life with no change. Crying an entire morning when Mike left the band and again when I heard for first time "On the backs of Angels", first one because the fear of the band's end and second one of joy of seen them stronger than ever!

Finally my eternal debt with DT is that thanks to them i met my wife. Long story short... Found her 10 years ago in Hi5 looking for people who liked the band. She was the first one I found and finally 5 years ago I went to Venezuela and brought her to US as my dear soulmate.

Thank you band of my life! thank you for making the soundtrack of my life and help me break this walls every time I wasn't able to do it alone! I hope you pass by soon close to Miami, Fl so I can see you at VIP and personally express my gratitude to each one of you!
Long live DT!

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I want to congratulate you for the years of experience.
get to hear the band , through friends , the first album was heard scenes from a memory , back in 2001 .
Since that day , I discovered and discover in dream theater , so many things in life .
The lyrics and music transported me to many places, and historical moments .
JP generates so much mysticism, which has led me to seek answers to many existential questions , which I appreciate . because in that way I met people and knowledge, which otherwise would never come .
Thanks for making my day , a lighthouse in the sea.
Congratulations, and something I am sure is that my kids will tell the story and listen to this great band . My band , our band. Dream Theater is the legacy of all mankind .
Thanks guys . Good Life !!
from Argentina

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HI, I’m Haceeb and here’s my story.
I used to listen to Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Savage Garden, local bands and music plus radio back in 2001. I was tired of this music. So I started searching for new music. I went to mp3 site and searched with different keywords. Keywords were like ‘Dream’,  ‘Heaven’ , ‘Afterlife’, ‘Suicide’, ‘Silence’, ‘Soul’, ‘Death’, ‘Hell’, ‘Space’, ‘Spirit’. So that site showed me a list of music and I downloaded few tracks with better names.  Those tracks were: Fragile Dreams by Anathema, Space-Dye Vest, Fear Factory and Dark Tranquillity tracks. I really liked Dream Theater and Anathema after giving them a listen. In me my mind I thought that now I have found a path so I should search for more tracks by Anathema/DT. Then I found only few tracks by them: Angelica, Eternity, Are you there, Pull me under. During those days, I was going to bad time and felt suicidal most of the time. People say how a band, music or a film can save one’s life. But it really saved my life during that hardest time full of family affairs/broken hearts and then hiding in a closed room for weeks ‘cause of panic attacks. That was the time when DT’s music helped. I started listening to them in a closed room and I would sing along with Pirate. Though I felt suicidal/heartbroken all the time but I told myself: If I kill myself  then how I’m gonna listen to DT? How I’m gonna play video games? How I’m gonna watch films? How I’m gonna visit all the places I have ever dreamt of? And bingo, eventually combination of all this stuff saved me.
After that I bought their albums one by one. Thanks to them, they introduced me to other amazing progressive bands like Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, ELP, Genesis, Rush, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Queensrÿche, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Pain of Salvation. I’m so addictive to this stuff that now I can’t think of living without progressive music.
Thank you, Dream Theater for saving me in those darkest days and congratulations to you on your 30 fucking amazing years. You guys totally changed my life and music so keep making music for us.
Once again, thank you for making my days and life, Dream Theater! *whoa*

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I'm a totally Rock fan, there's no doubt about it. When I listened Dream Theater for the first time, I knew the band will be in the bucket rocker proggy list for all my life. It was 10 years ago when Dream Theater came out to my life. I remember Octavarium release and obviously all those amazing songs I discovered. A friend of mine introduced me in DT's world, and I'm very thankful with her because Dream Theater is a diverse proggy band. Since then, during these ten years, I've been discovered each one of the albums and lovin' them. I remember that moment when for the first time I listened to Octavarium song and that amazing intro and all the seque sections: "wow! these guys are amazing!. It sounds like Pink Floyd, Queen, Cream, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Beatles, I mean all the bands I've been listening for during all my entire life!". Since then, Dream Theater was (and still it is) my favorite band. I bought every single album, DVDs and fan collectors things.
People ask me about my favorite DT album and for me its kinda hard question 'cause I've been ejoying each one of them, its hard to choose just one, when I have favorite songs like Pull me under, Learning to live, surrounded, metropolis pt. 1, 6:00, lifting shadows off a dream, Scarred, lie, A Change of Seasons, New Millennium, Anna Lee, Let me Breathe, Hollow Years, Trial of Tears, Through her Eyes, the Dance of Eternity, Finally Free, The Glass Prison, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, the Great Debate, Honor Thy Father, The root of all Evil, I Walk beside you, Panic Attack, Sacrificed Sons, Octavarium, Constant Motion, Forsaken, Repentance, The Ministry of Lost Souls, A Nightmare to Remember, Wither, The Best of Times, The Count of Tuscany, On The Backs of Angels, Breaking all illusions, Beneath the surface, Surrender to Reason, Behind the Veil, Illumination Theory, etc. I don't choose one album, I LOVE all ones!.

Congratulations guys, it seems for you 30 years since the dream started it off and all the story behind you has been great. It seems to me 10 years since the very first moment I started to listen to you guys!. Happy 30th anniversary!

Greetings from Colombia!
We move in circle, ballance all the while on a gleaming razor's edge, a perfect sphere colliding with our fate, this story ends where it began...

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Thanks for all of the memories, DT. Congratulations on one hell of a run!
I was a child of mid 80's metal/rock. Favorite bands at the time were Rush, Iron Maiden, Queensryche and a little known band called Fates Warning. DT took all aspects of these, chewed them up and spit it out into WDADU. I was hooked ever since!
I can't say much more than was has already been said here. But I will say this; regardless of the age of the Dream Theater CD, I never grow tired of it. It always feels fresh to me!

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DT changed the way I listened to music for ever and for good. Thank you guys for this (first) 30 years. Long live Dream Theater.
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Myself and a friend of mine had planned for a few weeks to go see Dream Theater, live in concert, in Wichita, KS. on June 17, 1993.  We were both big fans of the song Pull Me Under and after listening to the entire cd, couldn't wait for the concert.  I thought, these guys are amazing musicians... I was correct.  Well, on the day of the concert, my friend told me that he wasn't going to go the concert... we lived about an hour and 45 minutes away in the middle of Kansas.  I was passing by a friend of my younger sister's house and she was on the front porch, I stopped and made some small talk and told her what had happened and said that I was going to another friend's house to see if he wanted to go.  She told me that if he didn't go, she would go with me.  Well, the other friend didn't want to go so I went back the girl's house and told her that she was going, BECAUSE I WASN'T MISSING THIS SHOW.  We had to hurry, but we made it in time for the start of the show.  IT WAS AMAZING!!! I've been a fan ever since I heard Pull Me Under... have EVERY album and a few DVDs. Oh, and the girl that went with me to that concert in 1993, we have been together ever since... yep, 22 years, married and have a son (who also likes DT).  Needless to say, Dream Theater means a lot to me... and even holds a special place in my wife's heart. Thanks guys for being a HUGE part of what has become my life.  Here's to 30 more years!!!  ;)

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Of the last 30 years you people have been making music, I have been aware for the last 4, thanks to my growing obsession of Rush leading me to find the song Octavarium, where my interest in the band started. I don't think I'd be able to put in the time and physical stress to tour with other people, though it has at least partially inspired me to begin composing music for orchestra. Your music has helped me a great deal in becoming more aware and open of other music, sort of indirectly, since me becoming more open to music can be directly associated with me finding this forum after becoming a fan of Dream Theater.  :lol

Keep putting out better music, and always progress forward with new ideas.
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Greetings gentlemen....

Music has always been an integral aspect of my life, every single step had it's requisite note, and ever since I heard those ominous opening notes of Pull Me Under come out of my radio at work and infiltrate my soul, the music of Dream Theater has been an integral part of that soundtrack. From my highest highs to my lowest lows, you have always been a steady force to pull me through, and trust me, there have been some beastly highs and lows in those years, enough to encompass the lifetime of my daughter and more. Twelve albums, eleven live shows, and endless nights of destroying my hearing because it just couldn't be loud enough and countless mornings of waking up with headphones askew because once again Six Degrees had lulled me to sleep with a Goodnight Kiss. Even more so are the most excellent fellow fans I have come across through this community, a good handful who are invaluable, life long friends. What can I say to a group of gentlemen who provided one of the most important and integral aspects of my life other than thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy 30 years of making memories and to many, many more!!!!
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Well, what an awesome band. The first time I heard Dream Theater, I was going through some tough times, back in 2009. I was browsing youtube for music, and after a random click Octavarium popped up. The intro captivated me and drew me into a world of its own. Then at the end of it I started crying. Ever after that I've been a fan of Dream Theater.

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30 years, already?  It feels like I was walking into RCMH just yesterday for the 20th anniversary show.

I fell in love with you guys back in 2000.  I had the immense pleasure of seeing you for your 20th anniversary show.  You've inspired me to draw, your music has been with me through thick and thin, and I'll never regret that day I listened to SFAM.

Thanks for being you, and for still being around.

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Congratulations on 30 years of incredible and inspiring music to my favorite band. Now all I need is for you guys to finally come to Ireland and my life will be complete.  :metal  :)

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The band have asked for a thread for YOU to send them your personal messages for their 30th anniversary.

Dream Theater is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  Our fans are very special to us!  What message would you like to give the band on this majestic anniversary? Head over to the Dream Theater Forum and leave your anniversary message for the band, and thanks.
I first heard of D.T. back in 1992. I had met John Myung, and i had NO idea who he was! So here i am talking to the GREAT MYUNG!  just having some nice conversations from time to time. He probably doesn't remember me, but John thanks for those late night talks!  So when i first listened to Images & words,  i was shocked!  MY favorite song off of that is pull me under! BUT!!!  Another Day is the one that really caught my attention!!!   And I'm  completely  amazed that they are still here, and making inspiring music for the world to hear!!!   Paul....(long-island ) :

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Hi, Dream Theater.
I'm Romain, 22 years olds, a French guy who want to thank you. And what a best occasion than for your XXXe aniversary?

Why specialy XXX years for this thanks?
I explain why this number is big.

It start at high scool. No special passion, not a big lover of art, but one day at music scool, the teacher pass a strange music, a kind of music that i had never heard (at this time i was only listen popular music, never original, without any emotion)

I had search the name of this music on the web ans what i see? The clip of Constant Motion.
I had never see or heard a kind of music like that. A band un black with some of them with long haires, playing fast and as i had never see.

I want to see more.

I search a random other video, and i fall on the final of the concert at N.Y. City for the XXe birthday of DT.
The song?
Metropolis Pt.1.
What i see? A storm of emotion, instruments (because of the SCORE) and technic.
The solo of J.Myung arrive: and it's just like an explosion inside my brain and i just can't breath.
I want to play like this.

One month later, i had take my first bass and combo amp.
Year after year, my passion grow, i meet amazing people, still listening DT and feel all the emotions that your music give.
And it start with live that you mad Xyears ago.

To one of the best band of the world: