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30 years of Dream Theater music and not a bad album in the entire catalog.  Some people say 30 years isn't the most important anniversary year.  I disagree.  It is absolutely the most important.  So keep that in mind with the upcoming album release.  Anything less than the best album ever recorded in history won't do for the most important year of the band's entire career.  Save the filler songs for the 32nd anniversary.
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Happy 30th Anniversary, Dream Theater.  Been a fan shortly, since 2013, but with the help of these good people in this forum and hearing the good music, I was convinced that this is going to be a band that's going to be worth listening to and enjoying.  Heard the self-titled album around the times I joined and it pretty much blew me away in terms of not just the musicianship, but also the lyrics in songs like Illumination Theory and the Bigger Picture and that sealed the deal for me to go back and listen to previous albums that made the band great.

All I can say is keep it up on this next album and I hope the experience of you guys crafting it is just as enjoyable as making the last 12 albums and just as enjoyable to listen to.

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Happy 30th anniversary!

If you play ''A Change of Seasons'' this year, could you make that mad riff at 18 minutes faster, like in the original (at least in Slovenia)? It's the part that brings the most energy and completes the whole song, and it just sounded disappointing to me when you played it slower, and in half-time live.

And yes, please come to Serbia in the future, it's expensive for your Serbian and Croatian fans to go to Slovenia every time. Cheers!
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Thank you for being the band that gave me such feelings over all these years, and being the main reason for my musical discoveries in terms of styles and bands.

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For 30 years you have been my inspiration,  my friends, my music and my saviours that have kept me sane (allegedly).

Thank you to ALL the magnificent musicians who have been with us on this musical journey.

All I can say is a really heartfelt THANK YOU, AND BRING ON THE FUTURE.


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You guys and your music take me on a journey I find both epic and inspirational. I'll always listen to your amazing music and I can't wait to see you live again. 30th anniversary tour?? I'm there!!! Congratulations on your continuous greatness and look boldly to the future!

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Thank you for the sense of community (and this actual community on DTF) and thank you for making me aspire to reach a higher ground.

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Happy 30th DT! You guys are beyond phenomenal in every way. Technical masters, creative geniuses... and you've kept it so awesome so consistently for so long without missing a beat, it's incredible! Some of your compositions have given me experiences I would never have thought possible. My deepest gratitude, keep on doing what you do, you're an inspiration to us all, see you next tour!

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What has thirty years of Dream Theater meant to me? Class, professionalism, mind-bending jams, graciousness, hard work, craft, brotherhood, escape, freedom, LONG ISLAND NY, Den Bosch, Pompano Beach Florida, Miami Beach, Orlando, Ybor City, London, Sheffield England, trips, travel, three worn out copies of "Scenes From a Memory," inspiration, two caught drumsticks tossed out by Mike Portnoy in Sheffield and London 2000, a signed animation cell from the video Forsaken I won in a contest, free meet and greet with Mike Portnoy at Sam Ash, the sound track for many vacations in Europe, wicked instrumentals, A Change of Seasons, and above all, LOVE. Happy 30th Anniversary Dream Theater!!!

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Been a fan for 22 years now. Seen the band seven times (four of which I traveled  - twice to Chicago, once to Orlando and once to KC; other three times here in St. Louis).  DT is probably my 3rd favorite all-time band.  So yeah, love the band, despite the fact that I used to be overly critical of the band on these here forums.  Thanks for all of the great tunes and shows! :metal :metal

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Will try to keep this as short as possible ;)  I have been enjoying your amazing music for over 15 years now! When my husband I started dating he introduced me to DT, I fell in love with SFAM and I've never looked back. I listened to everything and anything that was Dream Theater :)

My husband and I have been to 20 live concerts over the years. I walked down the isle to the String quartet tribute to DT :) . It was the first music my sons heard inside my womb, and the first music they heard after they were born.  I've found lots of other music because of DT, and met so many lovely people who were fans just like myself. I've met you all a few times after various gigs which was amazing, thank you all for being so kind and humble in person. I was also there at Radio City Music Hall, and loved every minute.

You've been part of so many moments, and helped create so many memories over the years. Thank you for your amazing music, and for being a major part of the soundtrack of my life. Please keep doing what you are all amazingly talented at because I'm looking forward to many more years of amazing music by DT!

Congrats and Thank you again,
 :heart Steph

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Thanks for all the happiness and inspiration you give.  :heart

You rule.  :metal

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I hear this amazing band since 2001. I've been present in all their presentations in Chile minus on. I came to Santiago of Chile from the north of my country to study drums in order to play prog thanks to the band. I love this band!

Thanks for all those incredible moments with amazing music! Happy 30th aniversary DT!!!

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Here's to another 30 years! Thanks for every album, every song, every note, every widlly. I'm so proud to call Dream Theater my favorite band!

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Happy 30th Anniversary DT!  I first heard of DT when my bro played IAW and he had me hear Metropolis and Pull Me Under for the first time.  I was amazed!  I was able to make the second leg of the IAW tour only to realize you guys had a first album floating around.  Was not able to get WDADU till I visited a store called CD Warehouse, which sold imports.  I bought WDADU in CD format (my first CD purchase and I had no CD player at the time).  I was then happy to hear that you were coming out with the Awake album, but sad to hear Kevin Moore had left.   You had a signing at CD Warehouse, where I was able to meet most of you in person.  What a great moment and so nervous! You signed all my stuff and all your personalities were the same as today!  I've followed you guys during the up down, up, down, up again roller coaster.    As you see from my Avatar of ticket purchases, I have stayed with you guys for most of my life.  Thanks for the great emotions, and energy you guys provide to me everyday! 
Thank you John P., John M., Mike P, Kevin, James, Charlie, Derek, Jordan, & Mike M.!   Continue the Majesty of it all individually and together!

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Dream Theater. One of the best bands I've ever heard. Thank you for the influence, Portnoy's drumming and Petrucci's a,azing guitar skills have helped me to strengthen my style on both instruments. The lyrics to songs like Beneath the Surface help me realise I'm not alone in what I feel. All that I can say is that Dream Theater is one of the greatest bands, and their thirty year longevity is well deserved. To Dream Thetaer, I thank you for all that you mean to me, and here's to another thirty years!

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Basically, you (DT) have changed my life by greatly changing my taste in music and opening my eyes for different kinds of music than just metal (yeah, I was 16 at the time...). Moreover, you've come up with a number of fantastic albums, and many of those are still in my top 20 albums of all time. I've been to a few shows and they were fantastic as well; you're one of my favourite bands! Happy 30th anniversary to everyone in the band and every ex-member; I hope the band goes on for some more years!

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30 years, and still up there! And no sign of slacking off.  Your music changed my life and my world and the way I listen to music. And I thank you guys for it!  :metal
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There is no better band to be a fan of than Dream Theater. You guys keep spoiling us, not only with great music but with awesome live releases, cool special edition sets, and fun side projects. I cannot thank you enough!
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Looks like at least some of the messages will appear on DT's official FB page - AlexDT's post got shared there a few hours ago.

I just edited my post to make it more presentable for a page with 3.6 million likes. I'm a hopeless perfectionist even with small things like this! :lol

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Happy anniversary guys! Hard to believe it's been 30 years. I first got into your music around 1997/1998 when I purchased Awake, Change of Seasons and Falling Into Infinity. I now have most of your CDs and videos. I mostly listen to Christian rock, hard rock and metal, but you guys and Impellitteri as the 2 main groups that I listen to that don't fall in that category as I am a huge fan of progressive/technical/shred guitar oriented music. I wish you guys all the best.

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Dear Dream Theater,

I’d like to say THANK YOU for all that you’ve done to me without knowing it. The past year was very hard for me; I’d a lot of mental pressure at work what influenced my whole life negatively. Every evening, I sat on my couch being unable to do anything, the thought of going to work again the next day brought me to tears. Every morning, I didn’t want to get up although I couldn’t sleep anyway.

One day, I had to drive with my boss’s car and I listened to the music that appeared. The first song, the first chords, the first lines – everything of this music totally fascinated me. That was the first moment I got in touch with DT (“This Is The Life”). The following weeks, I listened to every single album and every single song. "Beneath the Surface" was the first song that brought me to tears because it was so true to me. My boss later named me “the world’s biggest DT fan” because he hadn’t seen anyone before who was so enthusiastic concerning that music.

These weeks were some of the most important ones of my life. I got SO much power, self-confidence and hope that I can’t describe it with words. It was the first time in a long time that I felt understood in my feelings and thoughts. With that new gotten power, I was able to fight for what I really wanted – and succeeded. Now, I’m so happy at work, I like to get up every morning, I enjoy my free time with my friends and my husband and can cherish my life.

Thanks to you, DT, I was able to gather and concentrate the little rests of my power and courage to face life. And I can say without exaggeration: It was high time. There was no much power left to get up every morning, to face the day, to resist the thoughts of ending life. My husband was the only one who gave me enough courage and power to go on. And then I get in touch with a music from which I never thought that it would help me that much.

1. Thanks to my husband for being the love of my life and for giving me so much love although I was in a bad temper every day!
2. Thanks to my boss for showing me the world’s best music!
3. Thanks to you, DT, for making that great music for such a long time. I hope with all my heart that you will continue at least 30 years! Without you, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here writing and being so glad to live.

Can’t wait to listen to the new album and to see you live in Germany! :)

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Looks like at least some of the messages will appear on DT's official FB page - AlexDT's post got shared there a few hours ago.
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Happy 30th DT! As someone who will be 30 years old myself next month, I find it incredible that this band has been around for the same length of time as I've been alive! And that it still continues to put out incredible music so regularly. Many bands slow down after so long and/or live off past glories, but Dream Theater are still creating amazing new music and putting on wonderful live shows. The dedication to your craft and to your fans is phenomenal.

I still feel lucky that a friend introduced me to your music almost 10 years ago now. Never before had I been so captivated by one band and I doubt another will ever have the same effect on me. Not only have I had all the enjoyment from DT's own songs, but it also led me to explore new types of music and other exciting bands. None compare to Dream Theater though! Thank you and keep on rawking guys!  :metal :coolio
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In this band's lifetime many people have been conceived and born, have started to listen to music, eventually discovered Dream Theater, and decided it was their favorite band ever. I'm one of those people. Keep up the good work, guys. People may hate you or love you, but nobody can deny there's no other band like Dream Theater. 30 years straight and you still find ways to amaze us. Keep on kicking them asses!  :metal

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I was introduced to Dream Theater when Systematic Chaos came out, and have been a die-hard fan since.  Your music has helped me to focus, relax, etc.  It has also helped a particular friend of mine.  He has Aspergers Syndrome, and was struggling to find clarity and motivation.  I showed him Solitary Shell.  Although he isn't a huge fan like me, the lyrics really resonated with him and helped him to view his condition in a different light "But in every other way he was fine".  He played the song for his mom, and she cried.  Thank you for being such an amazing band, and such humble people.  This is why I will attend every concert I can, and will continue to support you on your ventures!

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Cool, DT posted one of these on facebook!

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here's to another thirty years of peace, love, and face melting.

congratulations, from one long islander to another!

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About seven years ago I was really big into Rock Band. I was pretty good at it, so one day I decided to challenge myself by playing the hardest songs in the game. I beat them all no problem until I got to a song called Panic Attack. I tried on all instruments and couldn't do it. Unlike the other hard songs in the game, this one was melodic. Every note was played with a purpose and felt like it was exactly where it should be. I immediately decided that I needed to hear more from this band. I went and bought the album on which Panic Attack appeared and loved it although I never had time to listen to the final track. One day I finally had the chance to listen to it and what followed was a life changing 24 minutes. Octavarium completely changed the way I heard and thought of music while making me a true fan of the band. I now was on a quest to hear all of this incredible band's music. Systematic Chaos was next, followed by Images and Words and A Dramatic Turn of Events. I loved every minute of it, but I had no idea just how far my love of this band would go. The next album after those would change me from a fan to a fanatic. Scenes From a Memory made me realize that this was more than just a great band. This is the greatest band on the face of the planet. They write music that many couldn't even dream of composing. The effortlessly tell stories not just through lyrics, but through the instrumentation as well. This was music on another plain of existence. It inspired me to try and become even half the musician that these guys are. It made me realize that music is more than just an art. Music is a way of life. Thank you Dream Theater for inspiring me everyday. Happy 30th anniversary.
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The first time I heard you guys, I was 15 years old. My Dad and I were in the truck when he popped Images and Words into the CD player. I remember feeling like I found something I had been missing all my life. I asked for a copy and the addiction set in instantly. I'm about to turn 27 and I still listen to you guys on a daily basis. After all these years, I still get overtaken with chills from various songs. When that Octavarium intro is playing, I close my eyes and for that moment, all of life's problems are gone. I like to joke that Dream Theater has ruined all music for me as i'm unable to find musicianship that even comes close. Because of this, I cycle between all DT albums, Liquid Tension Experiment, and the solo albums from John, James and Jordan. Happy 30th guys, thank you for being true to music and not chasing fame or fortune. Also, PLEASE come back to Florida soon. I see you guys every time you come to Ruth Eckerd Hall and was crushed when you skipped us during the last US tour.

Message for James: You're KILLIN' it dude. Huge props to your vocal coach and your commitment because your voice just gets better and better with each album. That note you held at the end of Enemy Inside at the Boston Opera House =  :omg:

Message for JP: I love you, sir. Your humility as one of the world's greatest guitar players really inspires me on a human level as well as musical. Meeting you one day is high on my bucket list- hopefully your beard wont swallow me whole.  :lol

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I just made an account here so I could show off my unhealthy obsession with DT.
DT has literally changed my life.Especially the 12 Step Suite, which is important to me and the 130 million other alcoholics. And when I am  having a bad day, I can put in A Change of Seasons or Octavarium, and everything will be alright.
Dream Theater is why I play music (and John Myung is the reason I obsessively practice bass very day).  I also played Glasgow Kiss for a friend, and to this day he lets me know when he's mastered a Petrucci solo. Oh, and I bought the John Myung Yamaha signature bass in less than 24 hours of watching Budokan.

Ten years ago a friend put Live at Budokan in the dvd player  and I instantly knew that I had found my passion...

Now I just have to kidnap them and bring them to Alabama for a show!

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I first met with Dream Theater when I was 16. My bandmate handed a cassette with the song "Wait for Sleep":  in two days I have to learn it on piano because he'd like to sing it.  :o I think that was the first sleepless 2 days in my life with that piano skills I had back then.  :D
I became a musician and among a lot of bands, once I was asked to transcribe the vocals of Pull Me Under for a tribute band. They showed me a lot of songs of Images And Words as the "Best Music on Earth, maaaan!", but I really wasn't interested - I was learning jazz-piano that time. But that "Wait for Sleep" from many years before haunted me every time I was on a soundcheck.

It was autumn in 1999 when a gamer magazine (weird, huh?) wrote a short article about titled "The Best Prog Album Ever", I think you know what it was: Scenes From a Memory. I bought it right away and listened over and over for 10 years I think.  :D I realized what those friends were talking about, I had to grow up for this.
I bought all the albums since then - it's a sign of respect, because Hungary is not that CD-buyer country -, made transcriptions, tried to memorize and understand all the details what you really get only after the 100th walkthrough.  ;)

I think DT is among the highest level music in rock, jazz, classical and pop altogether. That's why in the school I tought rhythm, scales, harmonies, tempo keeping and thinking out of the box (!) through DT's best songs for my students.

Your music influenced my songwriting and arranging ways too, with my pop-acappella band we won international awards with my arrangements of Hungarian folk songs and other pieces - which ones I wrote keeping DT in my mind: "Think out of the box, try not to keep it simple and not to spare the work! And give something for the musicians too!  ;D"

Through my example you can see how you could change a lot of people's lives all over the world, how you may have changed thinking in music, other styles and brands of music - like that butterfly in chaos theory. Now I'm close to 40, and for me the butterfly was the "Wait for Sleep" which I still play usually on soundchecks.

Of course I could go on writing pages about my first live DT concert with an unerasable smile on my face, or my favourite song (Beneath the Surface) novadays, but it would be too long, so...
I wish you all a Happy Birthday and a next 30 years!!!  :tup

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Wow, 30 years, congrats guys!  As a musician, you have been and continue to be an inspiration to me.  As a fan, you've provided an experience for me right up there with the likes of Rush and Iron Maiden, humble people all who make amazing music that my spirit soars on, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.  Cheers!

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Best 30yrs in music. Here's my DT discovery story. IN 1989 I had just graduated High school and was getting set to go to music school in California. I walked in to a local record store in Butte Montana and asked the guy I want something new and fresh. He asked me what I liked and I gave out a long list from Yes to Kansas, Queensryche to Fates Warning and the way up to Metallica and Megadeth and a ton more in between. He reached under the counter and slid When Dream and Day Unite to me, "This is every band you just said rolled in to one" he said. I remember getting in to my car putting the cassette in and then going in to a full music trance as I listened. I sat in the music store parking lot and listened to the whole album, thinking these guys are beyond talented and are going to be huge someday. I wore out that cassette in a few months and ended up having to order another one because I couldn't find it in any other music store. I've played guitar most of my life, starting when I was 5. When I first heard Eddie Van Halen in 1979 it changed the way I approached the guitar and music in general. When I first heard DT I got the same feeling. DT is pure talent not just for their music abilities but also in the way they write songs. I've gladly bought every one of their albums knowing I'm going to hear something new and great. Thanks guys.......