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Archived Song Roulettes
« on: July 21, 2012, 03:35:54 AM »
Song roulettes have become very popular, and so we are keeping old ones in the archives, in chronological order. Here is the listing of all song roulettes in the archives. The winner of each roulette is the first participant, in bold and italics.

Finished in 2010

- Participants: hefdaddy42, Volk9, Marvellous G, Sigz, Portrucci, DTVT.

- Participants: Gorille85, orcus116, ariich, 73109, kingshmegland, BirchBoy, TheVoxyn.

- Participants: Cthrubuoy, YtseBitsySpider, LieLowTheWantedMan, Birch Boy, Genowyn, Marvelous G, True Death of Life, orcus116, DTVT, zxlkho.

- Participants: YtseBitsySpider, Wolfking, SoundscapeMN, Sigz, Zantera, Gorille85, Portrucci, Seventh Son.

- Participants: KevShmev, ariich, Sigz, sonatafanica, SoundscapeMN, Gorille85, Skydivingninja, sneakyblueberry, zxlkho.

Finished in 2011

- Participants: Sigz, sonatafanica, Portrucci, zxlkho, Zantera, lateralus88, skydivingninja, TheVoxyn

- Participants: orcus116, sonatafanica, Portrucci, Ultimetalhead, TheVoxyn, DTVT, zxlkho, antigoon

Marvellous G
- Participants: Fluffy Lothario, Portucci, antigoon, sonatafanica, kári, Gorille85, kingshmegland, DTVT, zxlkho, Space Invader

- Participants: DTVT, lateralus88, Sigz, sonatafanica, KevShmev, skydivingninja, ariich, AcidRainLTE

- Participants: Space Invader, Jamesman, jsem, The Letter M, hefdaddy42, dtismajesty, DTVT, dethklok09, 73109, Nic35

- Participants: DTVT, dtismajesty, jsem, The King In Crimson, ariich/YtseBitsySpider, zxlkho, Gorille85, TheVoxyn

- Participants: antigoon, Sigz, lateralus88, AcidRainLTE, Gorille85, dtismajesty, TheVoxyn, ZBomber

ClairvoyantCat (dtismajesty)
- Participants: TheVoxyn, dethklok09/Ravenheart, Gorille85, Marvellous G, zxlkho, sonatafanica, SoundscapeMN, jsem, sneakyblueberry, LieLowTheWantedMan, kingshmegland

- Participants: ClairvoyantCat, Lateralus88, antigoon, AcidRainLTE, Gorille85, LieLowTheWantedMan, Ravenheart, sonatafanica, Quadrochosis

- Participants: Space Invader, contest_sanity, YtseBitsySpider, kári, ariich, Quadrochosis, ClairvoyantCat, Zantera, Marvellous G, Ħ

- Participants: skydivingninja, AcidRainLTE, kingshmegland, sonatafanica, jsem, antigoon, dethklok09, BrotherH, Quadrochosis, MasterShakezula

- Participants: Marvellous G, sonatafanica, Gorille85, ClairvoyantCat, zxlkho, Jamesman, Nic35, Quadrochosis, TheVoxyn

- Participants: kári, ZBomber, ClairvoyantCat, Gorille85, Ravenheart, MasterShakezula

- Participants: Ultimetalhead, ClairvoyantCat, skydivingninja, Ravenheart, Quadrachosis, Gorille85, zxlkho

- Participants: ClairvoyantCat, Gorille85, ariich, MasterShakezula, skydivingninja, Iarwain, contest_sanity

- Participants: Ħ (BrotherH), MasterShakezula, RaphaelRaven, Nekov, Ravenheart, orcus116, Iarwain, YtseBitsySpider, energythief

Perpetual Change
- Participants: Ravenheart, ariich, energythief, Ħ, MasterShakezula, Nick, Ultimetalhead, Zantera

- Participants: kingshmegland, MasterShakezula, Nic35, Ultimetalhead, Nekov, LieLowTheWantedMan, DTVT, Perpetual Change

- Participants: Gorille85, dethklok09, PuffyPat, YtseBitsySpider, jingle.boy, TheKingInCrimson, zxlkho, DTVT

- Participants: DTVT, PuffyPat, dethklok09, LieLowTheWantedMan, Ħ, Nekov, zxlkho, JayOctavarium, obscure, contest_sanity, 73109, SPNKr, The King in Crimson, Genowyn

- Participants: Ravenheart, Obscure, YtseBitsySpider, DTVT, Liberation, MasterShakezula, dethklok09, zxlkho

orcus116 (v2)
- Participants: Gorille85, MasterShakezula, Ravenheart, zxlkho, Perpetual Change, antigoon, dethklok09, Nekov

Tripp (finished early)
- Participants: Lateralus88, mizzl, zxlkho, MasterShakezula, Nekov, Ravenheart, Nic35

Gorille85 (v2)
- Participants: ClairvoyantCat, sonatafanica, Sigz, Ravenheart, Nekov, orcus116

Finished in 2012

ariich (v2)
- Participants: Sigz, Gorille85, LieLowTheWantedMan, DTVT, YtseBitsySpider, Ravenheart, jingle.boy, kingshmegland

- Participants: Ravenheart, ariich, Perpetual Change, wolfking, YtseBitsySpider, DTVT, jingle.boy, ClairvoyantCat

cthrubuoy (never finished as PC died)
- Participants: Jamesman, Gorille85, zxlkho, jsem, dtismajesty, AcidRainLTE, DTVT

- Participants: Nekov, DTVT, obscure, MasterShakezula, jingle.boy, kingshmegland, PuffyPat, Sigz

Ultimetalhead (v2)
- Participants: Gorille85, 73109, zxlkho, Dark Castle, YtseBitsySpider, Ravenheart, ClairvoyantCat, ariich

DTVT (v2)
- Participants: Ravenheart, EVERYONE ELSE

73109 (v2)
- Participants: Ravenheart, ariich, Sigz, Ultimetalhead, lonestar, MasterShakezula, lateralus88, DTVT

- Participants: jingle.boy, EVERYONE ELSE

LieLowTheWantedMan (v2)
- Participants: Ravenheart, Gorille85, Nekov, kari, AcidRainLTE, obscure, ariich, YtseBitsySpider, DTVT

MasterShakezula (v2)
- Participants: kári, antigoon, DTVT, Gorille85, jingle.boy, LieLowTheWantedMan, lonestar, obscure, YtseBitsySpider

- Participants: Zantera, Gorille85, LieLowTheWantedMan, Ultimetalhead, obscure, kári, Elite, black_floyd

- Participants: Ravenheart, wolfking, Gorille85, Nekov, KevShmev, Elite, kári, jingle.boy

- Participants: obscure, Nekov, kingshmegland, lonestar, DTVT, GuitarCozmo, Zydar, wolfking, YtseBitsySpider, jjrock88

- Participants: lonestar, Elite, Nekov, jingle.boy, kingshmegland, MasterShakezula, WindMaster

Nekov (v2)
- Participants: kári, lonestar, jingle.boy, ariich, Elite, wolfking, Gorille85, LieLowTheWantedMan, ReaperKK, Ravenheart

ClairvoyantCat (v2)
- Participants: Gorille85, antigoon, Ravenheart, Sigz, Sonatafanica, ariich, orcus116

- Participants: Heretic, Ravenheart, Gorille85, kári, Lateralus88, ClairvoyantCat

- Participants: Nekov, Scorpion, Zantera, Elite, Xanthul, Ravenheart, Sigz, kári, Ultimetalhead

- Participants: Nekov, Lonestar, DTVT, Elite, Theliloutcast, onno, big hath, missedthepoint, rattlehead, jingle.boy

- Participants: Ultimetalhead, Elite, theliloutkast, rogerdil, Nekov, LieLowTheWantedMan, Dark Castle, TioJorge, Onno

lonestar (v2)
- Participants: kirksnosehair, jingle.boy, kingshmegland, TAC, Lowdz, Sir GuitarCozmo, Ravenheart, Obscure

- Participants: kári, Scorpion, Nekov, Ravenheart,Xanthul, MoraWintersoul, ReaperKK, Zantera

Finished in 2013

- Participants: Heretic, Nekov, PuffyPat, YtseBitsySpider, Scorpion, Elite, Lolzeez, crazyaga

Mystery Guest Judge - Tournament of Champions (must have won a roulette to be invited)
- Participants: lonestar, Gorille85, Ħ, Heretic, jingle.boy, kári, kingshmegland, Lateralus88, Marvellous G, Nekov, obscure, orcus116, Sigz, skydivingninja, TheVoxyn, Ultimetalhead, YtseBitsySpider, Zantera

Sigz (v2)
- Participants: ariich, Ravenheart, Lonestar, Nekov, LieLowTheWantedMan, jingle.boy, orcus116, ClairvoyantCat

- Participants: Ultimetalhead, Nekov, Elite, lonestar, jingle.boy, WindMaster, Sigz, ariich, wolfking

- Participants: kári, WindMaster, LieLowTheWantedMan, Zantera, crazyaga, Elite, Lolzeez, Scorpion, MoraWintersoul

- Participants: Scorpion, DTVT, Elite, Lolzeez, Onno, Ruba, YtseBitsySpider, ariich, Mystery Participant

- Participants: Big Hath, crazyaga, black_floyd, Elite, MoraWintersoul, Scorpion, Lolzeez, lonestar, Dr. DTVT, Nihil-Morari

obscure (v2)
- Participants: Elite, Scorpion, lonestar, Lolzeez, jingle.boy, Ruba, YtseBitsySpider, Onno

- Participants: lonestar, obscure, jingle.boy, ich bin besser, Dr. DTVT, TAC, Nekov, Scorpion, Elite, Wolfking

- Participants: lonestar, Nekov, obscure, Scorpion, MoraWintersoul, Lolzeez, WindMaster, ?

Nekov (v3)
- Participants: Zantera, Scorpion, Lolzeez, Windmaster, Ultimetalhead, MoraWintersoul, Shadow Ninja 2.0, kingshmegland

theseoafs (v2)
- Participants: lonestar, Scorpion, Elite, Lolzeez, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Dr. DTVT, jingle.boy

Ħ (v2)
- Participants: theseoafs, Jaffa, Scorpion, Destiny Of Chaos, lonestar

Elite (v2)
- Participants: jingle.boy, kingshmegland, lolzeez, senecadawg2, Nekov, Dr. DTVT, Onno, ?, Scorpion, kŕri

Lolzeez (v2)
- Participants: MoraWintersoul, Nekov, Rattlehead, Elite, Ruba, Scorpion, Jingle.Boy, ?, LieLowTheWantedMan, Zantera, Dr. DTVT, senecadawg2, Onno

- Participants: Scorpion, Dark Castle, LieLowTheWantedMan, Lolzeez, MoraWintersoul, Nekov, Onno, WindMaster

Big Hath
- Participants: Elite, Scorpion, MoraWintersoul, LieLowTheWantedMan, Onno, Lolzeez, jingle.boy, Dark Castle, kari

- Participants: senecadawg2, Scorpion, ?, LieLowTheWantedMan, Elite, Lucien, Lolzeez, Nekov, jingle.boy, elefantStone
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Re: Archived Song Roulettes
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2014, 04:01:51 AM »
Finished in 2014

jingle.boy (v2)
- Participants: lowdz, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Zydar, Prog Snob, adace, bosk1, SirGuitarCozmo, Big Hath, Nekov, kirksnosehair, Dr. DTVT, wolfking, kingshmegland, senecadawg2, Elite, lonestar, jjrock88, elefantStone, lolzeez, TAC, Bolsters, zook

- Participants: lonestar, jingle.boy, Dr. DTVT, Elite, Kingshmegland, wolfking, Nekov, Buddyhunter1, adace, SomeoneLikeHim

LieLowTheWantedMan (v3)
- Participants: Dark Castle, senecadawg2, Outcrier, Lolzeez, adace, Shadow Ninja 2.0, elefantStone, Tyrias, Lucien

Obfuscation (v2)
- Participants: Dark Castle, Ben_Jamin, Lucien, adace, Shadow Ninja 2.0, senecadawg2, lonestar, Dr. DTVT

- Participants: senecadawg2, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Buddyhunter1, Adace, Ben_Jamin, Elite, LieLowTheWantedMan, Lonestar

- Participants: jingle.boy, LieLowTheWantedMan, Zantera, Dr. DTVT, Elite, black_floyd, Dark Castle, lonestar, Adace, Shadow Ninja, Lucien, bl5150

- Participants: jingle.boy, Ultimetalhead, senecadawg2, Nekov, Lucien, Dr. DTVT, lonestar, Evermind, orcus116, Big Hath

- Participants: Scorpion, senecadawg2, wolfking, Ben_Jamin, Shadow Ninja 2.0, Nekov, Big Hath, adace, Tyrias, kingshmegland, YtseBitsySpider

Shadow Ninja 2.0
- Participants: Bolsters, Scorpion, Sacul, adace, Nekov, senecadawg2, bl5150, Lucien, LieLowTheWantedMan, Onno

? v2
- Participants: senecadawg2, Scorpion, Gorille85, LieLowTheWantedMan, kingshmegland, Onno, MoraWintersoul, GentlemanofDread, Evermind, Sacul, jingle.boy, Shadow Ninja 2.0, adace, Lolzeez