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Movies and TV / Re: Marvel's Movie/TV Universe *SPOILERS* 2
« Last post by kingshmegland on Today at 07:38:00 PM »

Watching this game . . . a lot of supposedly great QBs playing like absolute shit this week.
Political and Religious Forum (aka the echo chamber) / Re: Harvey Weinstein
« Last post by TAC on Today at 07:30:02 PM »
It's self censorship. And pandering.
The 4th and 2 wasn't so much of a tactical mistake as it was a coaching moment to his defense.
General Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Thread - Monsters of the Midway
« Last post by El Barto on Today at 07:00:42 PM »
Bill pretty much owned up to the Gronk thing today. He made it pretty clear that situational awareness is something that the entire coaching staff needs to improve, particularly after yesterday.

And 4th and 2 was the right call. I've seen him make some pretty dubious decisions (I recall a fake punt that was pretty ill-advised), but they're few and far between and more often than not the pointless babbling of radio people.

About Russell Wilson and the shoe, I've got no problem with what he did. An object on the field is an impediment to his ability to run the offense. Clock's running, he's playing football, get it out of the way. As for the defensive player that lost his shoe, that's on him. There's no stoppage of play for that. What was he going to do, kneel down and lace it back up while the clock's ticking? He could have taken a timeout, or he could have subbed out.
I think it's a testament to Belichick that one perceived gaff creates such a controversy, when you have guys like Reid and Tomlin who sometimes seem like they couldn't manage a game with Walter Camp and Copernicus on their staff, and a reset button.
I'll admit I'm not following this because it's silly.

That said, is it that they are being forced, against their will to not play this song or are they just choosing not to?

One is censorship, one is not.
First, to be clear, I wasn't saying that Bosk was advocating censorship, just that that is the inevitable conclusion I draw from the line of thinking that he put forth - as devil's advocate (and reluctant one, I might add).

Second, it's not "silly".  You're silly.  :)  (Seriously, though, these are the issues involved with this kind of discussion.) 

Third, I don't see a difference if you're directly forced, or if you proactively make the decision based on potential feedback from listeners and/or advertisers.  To me it's the same thing just a slightly more convoluted route.

Gonna open it...wish me luck.
General Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Thread - Monsters of the Midway
« Last post by kingshmegland on Today at 06:51:32 PM »
Exactly.   That Colts offense was on a roll the second half. That was the right call that wasn't executed.
Movies and TV / Re: What Shows are you currently watching?
« Last post by ronnibran on Today at 06:49:01 PM »
Was bored and browsing through amazon prime streaming and looked up "Hannibal" hoping to see the movie sequel.  Found something even better, the tv series.  Been binge watching as much as possible all weekend.  Never new this existed.

Dude....the TV series Hannibal is awesome! Glad you found it. In my mind Mads mikkelsen IS Hannibal Lectar. Hes supplanted Anthony Hopkins with a far superior performance of the character.

After a few episodes I'd have to agree about him being THE character the best.  Of course the show has the advantage of being able to develop the character much more than a movie, but still...  He does a great job.  Looking forward to continuation of watching this show.
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