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THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!    BRAVO, SIR!!!   :metal

The elevator part especially had me  :rollin :rollin :rollin

Thanks. Y'know, it's responses like these that really inspire me to go & seek out the next disc of the trilogy & put my all into a review of that too.

(you can take that as a complement or an insult)

It's almost touching.   The torture you're willing to endure just to bring a few laughs to the rest of us.   Not sure I'd be that selfless.   ;D

THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!    BRAVO, SIR!!!   :metal

The elevator part especially had me  :rollin :rollin :rollin

Thanks. Y'know, it's responses like these that really inspire me to go & seek out the next disc of the trilogy & put my all into a review of that too.

(you can take that as a complement or an insult)
So I think "keep the guns out of the hands of the nut jobs" is just a feel good talking point that isn't actually realistic at all.

I mean, maybe the most extreme cases, sure, but that's about it.

1) As I said, confidentiality alone negates most of this unless the person is going to court for it, and that's not terribly common.
2) What defines someone not deemed fit to own a weapon? Notice I'm not using phrases like mentally ill or anything.
2A) Is it depression? Bipolar? Schizophrenia? Borderline personality disorder? Which disorder would deem a person unfit?
2B) Problem with that is that two people with the same diagnosis don't necessarily have much in common. A diagnosis does not define someone, and since HMO's demand a diagnosis to provide therapy, a lot of people have diagnoses for the sake of appeasing insurance providers.

In the end, it's all moot. Not to focus solely on Florida, but that kid, from what I read, so correct me if I'm wrong, the kid didn't legally own those guns anyway. They were his brothers'.

More like Mehmispheres.

Where you been my man?!

Hello! Not sure, guess I just didn't think to come on for a while. Thought I'd revisit.
First off, before I'd even like to say anything, I'd just like to get this important piece of information out of the way first...


Geoff Tate is kind of a cunt

Now that everyone's caught up to speed, let's hear this shit.

Track 1: Choices
"Hmmm... what's the best way I can start this 3-hour concept album trilogy about the economic status of our current society?"

"Hmmm, how about 30 seconds of inaudible sound effects, followed by 3 minutes one repeated line that resolves in a total anticlimax thanks to the over-compressed production."

"Perfect, let's do it!"

^ This was a conversation that I doubt 2 humans have ever had in the history of our known universe. Luckily, I don't think anyone involved with this album legally counts as a human, so here we are.

Track 2: Burn
Woah, watch out Geoff, don't overdo it with the vocal performance, if you do that too much you might actually make your audience give a shit.

Anyway, this is track had potential I guess, but nothing's really done with any sense of passion or enthusiasm so it just sounds dead inside, & if I wanted to hear a song that reflects my constant mental state, I'd probably listen to nirvana or something, not a song that's supposed to be about the economic status of the US.

Track 3: Re-Inventing The Future
Oh hey, it's the single. Again, this honestly had a bit of potential. The chorus is pretty neat & I like the theme of the lyrics, but Geoff can't hold a note in the chorus longer than a nanosecond, so that's kind of a problem. On the plus side though, I hear rap's pretty big now, & a speed like that would be pretty impressive nowadays.

inb4 Geoff Tate's rap career please god don't actually let this happen

Track 4: Ready To Fly
Actually, listening to this album's making me a bit tired. I'm not sure I can do this right now. Maybe if I could justt rset my headfor  al ittle whil

Track 5: Discussion In A Smoke Filled Room
Oh shit I just remembered this album was meant to have a story.

Actually that was a lie, no I didn't

Track 6: Life or Death
Why hello there Mr. Not-Geoff-Tate. Uh, quick question, why are you actually making him look better in comparison? Honestly that's a much bigger accomplishment than most other civilisations can ever dream of. I mean, think about it, it's a natural progression...

The climbing of Mt Everest
The invention of electricity
The splitting of the atom
The discovery of a singer worse than Geoff Tate
idk the cure for cancer i guess?

Truly with this discovery we can advance further as a society & better the lives of millions as a result.

Track 7: The Stranger
Oh wait, nevermind, I think this song just gave cancer to everyone who listened to it. Damn, that's gotta be the fastest drop in everyone's faith in humanity since I was given a DTF account.

What's that?
Oh yeah, I had a song to talk about.

"i'm a walkin' genocide"
"make you cry, make you want your mother"
"im the best, fuck the rest"
"let's see if he takes it like a man"

Jesus, when did Geoff become an edgy teenager? At this point I'm waiting for the "psssh...nothin personnel kid"

Oh wait, that's actually in the song


Yeah, this is abysmal. Probably the worst song that's ever been associated with Queenryche, & that's living in a world where Saved, Hit The Black, One Life, Desert Dance, Home Again, The Voice, Slave, In The Hands Of God & all of DTC exists.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Track 8: Hearing Voices
Like the previous song, only longer, more boring, lazier, & basically worse in every way. I'd honestly be impressed at how fast this album turned to an "all-time worst candidate" if it weren't so sad. At this point I got an ad for a syrian refugee charity & it made me less depressed than being reminded that this album exists. & at that point I just imagine all the money this album made & how many better things it could be used for... like buying gold-plated toilet paper, or using the bills as frisbees for your dog, or throwing pennies at passersby & running away.

I mean hey, this album's supposed to be about economics, right? I think this is the most valid point this album's made thus far.

Track 9: On Queue
"Tell me, remind me" God damnit, stop making me think of better songs.

Anyway, there's not really a lot to talk about with this one. I mean sure, it's long, drawn-out, boring, lazy, dull, uninteresting, fuck I need a thesaurus to find more synonyms for bland.

Calling this elevator music is an insult to elevators. I mean, they work hard to carry hundreds of kilos up & down every day for as long as they operate. If I were an elevator, I'd probably go on strike if I heard that my function was being compared to this song. Hey, maybe that's why they get stuck for ten hours trapping people until they either suffocate or go insane until they can finally get them out.

I mean, if you consider what they're being compared to, I'd have that reaction too.

Track 10: An Ambush Of Sadness
There are a lot of greatthings you can do in 90 seconds:
-Make your bed
-Make a coffee
-Make 90-second noodles
-Spin around in a chair
-Play 3/4 of a game of tetris
-Eat half a candy bar
-Kill yourself
The list goes on

Y'know what's not on that list?
Listening to this song

Track 11: Kicking In The Door
That elevator probably had hopes & dreams just like the rest of us, & yet they're doomed to a life of endless tedium & mundanity to solve only a slight bit of time in our everyday lives. How could we opress them of their hopes & dreams just because of their unfortunate fate?

& by "endless tedium & mundanity" I mean having song associated with you

Track 12: The Fall
& now it's time for the epic closer that'll wrap up this whole first disc on a high note & truly make us feel like we've experienced something grand with the past 47 minutes of our lives.

Okay, I have a lot of opinions on this song in particular, so allow me to express them in the most civil way I can possibly put this so that everyone involved can actually take something from this writeup & take the criticisms to hear to ensure that another mistake like this album can never happen to such a well-established singer ever again.


Geoff Tate is kind of a cunt

So that was the review. God knows I'm not putting myself through 2 more hours of this shit, so that'll be it for now. Hopefully you'll stay tuned to my next review where I'll either successfully finish listening to the second disc or successfully become dead as a result. I'll be fine as long as it isn't the first one.

THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!    BRAVO, SIR!!!   :metal

The elevator part especially had me  :rollin :rollin :rollin
if Scott is indeed doing the drums on the new album its not hard to come out and say, "Scott is playing drums on the new album." 

Hence, he is not. 

And it sucks.

Yesterday, some guy was asking Todd on his FB wall about the drummer situation, and why QR hasn't come out and said anything about who it is. The guy was respectful, but said without Scott, he wouldn't consider it Queensryche. I mean, a lot of fans said that after Chris left, and again when Geoff was canned, so it is a common reaction.

Todd replied calling out the fan, and asking them about whether he considers mindcrime 2, American soldier, and dedicated to chaos queensryche records. The guy said he didn't. Todd then smugly replied that it was "good to know, cuz yeah, Scott didn't play on OMC2, and those songs had outside players and writers."

Yeah, that last part annoyed me too. Mainly because it's a total non-sequitur to what the guy asked. My guess is that if he said "yes", then Todd would've responded something like "so why is it QR when he doesn't play on those albums but not when doesn't play on the new one", but he didn't, so that reply ended up making absolutely no sense.

Actually, if I could add on to this point, bringing up AS & DTC makes even less sense because Scott DID play on those albums. There's no other session drummer credited. The only album Scott didn't play on was OM2.

In fact, Scott has more writing credits on DTC than on the first four albums combined, so how is this argument even supposed to work?  :facepalm:
Adami your point coupled with what Barto said is basically what I was asking about. Mental health is a major talking point, and people want to keep the guns out of people's hands that are not "mentally stable" enough to responsibly own one. I was wondering if there's any way to do that at a reasonably high level. But as you said, confidentiality nixes a lot of those ideas, and in the end of the only way to know about people is the extreme cases that end up in the system. Is that right? I guess that's what I was asking. Are there any reasonable ways to screen people regarding mental health? Is what we have enough, given it's enforced in the real world?
I'm trying to get into Promised Land but I'm not feeling it. It's.. dare I say, boring. I got up through the title track and just stopped, it lacks all the energy and memorability that I loved about RFO and O:M. Empire at least had some interesting musical stuff going on and some energy, Promised Land feels like a hazy comedown from a night of partying, complete with the lack of energy and plodding, overly lengthy tracks. Those are my initial impressions, and I'll keep giving it a shot until hopefully it clicks, but I'm disappointed so far.
Haken is too good to be co-headlining with a band so inferior to them. :P

You seriousl-
-Y imp-

-Lying it's a
Matter of
Articulation & not

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