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More goodness.  All 41;

It's softer than my dick in a gay club but for the style, it's not too bad considering what they have been dishing up, but generic as fuck.  Brock has a great voice.  Better than that Romeo horseshit!
General Discussion / Re: DTF Chat Thread v. "The Aristocrats!"
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They scheduled my dad surgery to remove part of his lung the day I'm having 20 management over for training and I can't miss it.They are flying from all over the country.  I'm beside myself right now.

That's really shitty King, I'll be thinking of you and your dad and keep us posted when you can.
Stadler: Black Sabbath - _s__________
Nekov: Dream the Electric Sheep - Elizabeth
home: Sleep Party People - _ ____ G__ _e___
???: _____ _e__s - S______
Evermind: The Mayan Factor - Warflower
???: S_e__ - ____e_
???: ____e __ - No Rest for the Wicked
???: ____s___ - _e__e____ _
???: _es____ - ___s____s _________
Tomislav95: The Gathering - Broken Glass

Letters Guessed:

Tomislav waits 3
Elite waits 2
Luke waits 1

Nobody guessed a letter  :corn
Yeah, that's the one.

Just up to On and On now, that's my fav so far, cool song.  This old school hard rock style isn't really my thing to be honest, but the guitar work is keeping me interested.  Cozy was so good.
This one?

Awesome!! I see it has One Night At Budokan. That is an awesome live album. Both MSG and Budokan feature Cozy Powell.

My favorite part of On And On is actually Paul Raymond's keys throughout the entire song, especially the end.

The debut has a strange feel. Simon Phillips' drumming, while precise, just doesn't fit. Those songs are so much better on Budokan.

I just get that feeling that Tom just single handedly at that moment decided that Top Gun 2 is happening.  :lol

Ha ha totally does look like that.  :lol   
The second MSG is a TAC Top 5 Album of all time.

I've just put this on right now.

Brought one of those 5 pack album collections that come in the cardboard sleeves a while back but never really got around to checking them all out properly besides Assault Attack.
Hey, anytime, guys! :lol
But the Kryptonite album slept with your wife!

Vinnie Moore put my wife in a coma.

Haha - as soon as Kade posted about The Poodles I was  :impatient:

You exceeded expectations though Tim  ;D

Absolutely.  Mission accomplished!!!
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