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All more than fantastic songs, since I have to pick something I'll go with the title track
Polls/Survivors / Re: HELLOWEEN Survivor 2017 - Finals - round 1
« Last post by MirrorMask on Today at 01:09:42 AM »
The source is actually the prequel to 01011001. I was really happy when i heard "The Age of Shadows will begin." Before Age of Shadows on Ayreon Universe, that made it have a nice impact.

Yeah, it makes you feel like wanting to go to listen to it right after.

It would even work as a concert encore experience. You end the show with Journey to Forever, the band leaves the stage while the last track plays over the PA, and then the encore begins with Age of Shadows.
General Discussion / Re: Do you put the shopping carts back in the corral?
« Last post by Zook on Today at 12:32:31 AM »
Not returning a cart to the corral is just a lazy inconvenience. Parking it behind a car or in between cars is just being a dick.

Every last person I have talked to who does the job says otherwise.  So, nope, you are unequivocally wrong on that one. 

(except "behind the cars," which obviously is a problem, but since precisely no one has ever said that is okay, I have no idea why it keeps being brought up)

So because a bunch of lazy courtesy clerks told you it's inconvenient for them to collect the carts at each corral, that makes it not lazy to stash them everywhere but the corral?

I lived in Phoenix. I have PTSD.
I should've sent Sandstorm

Shame you didn't like, I guess it was a bit of a gamble anyway. I don't completely agree about the rapping being melodyless, besides his flow is so amazing on this track.
sandstorm is..... brutal
Polls/Survivors / Re: HELLOWEEN Survivor 2017 - Finals - round 1
« Last post by Eldomm on Today at 12:12:00 AM »
Swing of a fallen world
I sent Sandstorm
I think I sent my heaviest entry yet? It's one of my favourites of my submissions but I'm not sure Puppies will agree :lol
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